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Have those digital photo sketches always fascinated you? Have you always waited in a cue to get your portrait sketched? We are sure yes. After all who doesn’t lust over those larger than life paintings of Kings and Queens at the museum next door. All of us have wanted to get ourselves immortalized too. How about a project that does  this and more.

SC brings you a unique initiative called the ‘The Portret Project’. It is a niche concept with a focus on portraiture as an art form and with an emphasis on its radical role in the history of art and its growth and development. The project aims to bridge the gap between an artist and sitter by  promoting a portrait as a memorable, satisfactory and enjoyable image that is also a unique and personalized vehicle of investment.



The Portret Project

The Portret Project


The project boasts of an interesting line up of artists such as Kanchan Chander and Aplesh Dave.

Curious to know more, catch the curated exhibition ‘Out of/In Countenance(s)’ from Jan 11-14, 2014 at Stainless Art Gallery, Mathura Road.

Visit for more details.

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