The Sartorialist weaves magic with Brand New social media campaign

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With high-profile campaigns for Burberry, DKNY Jeans and GAP our most favourite blogger in the whole wide world is back with yet another intersting project and this time it’s to do with “Eyes”.

Yes, you got that right!! Luxottica Group, the global leader in premium and wand luxury eyewear, has collaborated with  Scott Schuman (one of the most popular bloggers in the world from The Sartorialist) , and this digital project is called  “Faces by The Sartorialist”.

The project will feature Scott Schuman’s signature imagery of intriguing and stylish individuals donning Luxottica eyewear in the world’s most fashionable cities from New York to Milan, Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai to Paris.

The best part about the campaign is that the glasses captured will not just be Luxottica but also the  regular glasses worn by people on the streets, it’s his way of capturing and weaving a story about how today glasses are not just some mere pair of spectacles but they are accessories which speak volumes about your personality and style.

Have a Look!!

Sneak Peak into the Luxottica campaign “Faces by The Sartorialist”

What’s more interesting is that he did something very similar few years ago for Burberry and we all know  that how “The Trench of Art” campaign was one of the most successful social media campaigns that year (2009).

“The Trench of Art” campaign, was all about capturing/shooting  people on  the street wearing Burberry Trench coats in order to celebrate the heritage and history of the Burberry trench coat. The campaign went viral and became a hit as it showed how this one iconic piece can be worn by various people with various elements of style and how it encapsulates who they are. 

Have a Look!!

 “The Trench of Art” campaign by Burberry

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