Create a perfect Handbag out of a Cushion Cover

by Coquettes July 30, 2014 0 comment
There is nothing we find more satisfying than reusing something unwanted to create something Stylish!! Hence we are always excited about sharing our DIY tricks.
Recently we had to go attend a theme party and while we were getting ready I realized that I did not have a perfect clutch to match my outfit.
As silly as it may sound but I came across this cushion cover in my room which I thought would make a perfect clutch, I went ahead and folded the cover into half and used it as a clutch.


10424376_10152568197037489_7100000619619966529_nCreativity at it’s best, isn’t it ?

We just can’t get over our invention, thus we thought of sharing a few more fun quirky cushion cover DIY handbag ideas with all of you

Here Goes


1. Square, rectangle cushion covers
2. Long embellished or a quirky neck piece
3. Broach or any embellishment and safety pin to secure the ends


Step 1: 

Flip the cushion cover and fold it into half.

Step 2:

Slide a long embellished neck piece (as per your preference ) through the cushion cover and place it right at the center-fold and secure it with a safety pin.
Usually the cushion covers have a zip at the center which could act as pouch for you to keep your belongings like mobile phone, lipstick etc.

Step 3:-↓

diy 2

After you’re done with these steps just adjust it according to the look you prefer and voila, you have a new clutch/cover/handbag!

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