#SCPedia: EATERY Glossary

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I have often wondered what is the difference between a Smoke House DELI, a Le BISTRO du Parc, an All American DINER or a TLR CAFE. Until I decided to do some bit of research.

So here sharing it with you so that you know what to expect each time you go there!

They’re all ‘eateries’, but the name will give you an indication of it’s theme, formality, price, menu and opening hours.


The name came from Russian troops who, when they occupied Paris, would tell the restaurateurs “bistr'” (quickly) when they ordered their grub. A bistro is characterized by modest meals mostly home styled in slow cooking with modest settings. Now a days, bistros provide one of the best fine dining experiences and specialty cuisine.




Comes from the Italian word for coffee (“caffè”); a small restaurant that serves small meals, snacks, and usually specializes in coffee. Mostly quick foods are served  It provides a perfect setting for social interactions.



It is a German loanword meaning “delicious things (to eat). Short for delicatessen; it is a small place that usually sells food that doesn’t need much time to prepare (e.g. cold cuts, sandwiches, salads, and condiments). Things are usually made fresh from scratch.



It is usually open long hours and you can order breakfast, lunch or dinner at anytime. Diners are designed to be more affordable and quick.



Though the definitions have blurred now and one can’t put them into water tight categories, it is important to know the genesis.

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