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One considered a major fashion faux pass, double denim (pairing denim lower and upper together) has made a sweeping comeback on both international and national fashion scene. It not only is a casual street wear chic statement but also a powerful runway trend.


Emma Watson on cover of ELLE US April 2014

Emma Watson on cover of ELLE US April 2014


Styling Tips:

*The trick is to style it right with different hues and pieces of denim.

*Pairing denim shorts with a tucked in denim shirt is a safe option.

*You can also try accessorizing it with pieces like a denim waistcoat or cap.

*Break the monotony by experimenting with colours- pop shade of your favourite bag!

*Roll up the sleeves to add some fun jewellery


Double Denim Trend

Double Denim Trend


But always remember to not go overboard and style it right.

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