Easy Way to Hide Your Dark Circles

by Coquettes December 29, 2014 0 comment

Dark circles tend to age your look more than a wrinkle or grey hair. You look tired and exhausted because of them. Isn’t it annoying when you have to go somewhere and you see those under eye monsters peeking from the skin. No worries!! Mili is going to share her makeup secret to cover the dark circles under your eyes.

For that, you will require the following products:
1) Foundation – Liquid or Dry
2) Concealer
3) Compact Powder

Follow these steps to hide the dark circles:
1) Wash and Moisturize Your Face
2) Apply Foundation
3) Apply Concealer Under Eyes
4) Set with Sponge
5) Finish Off with Compact Powder

So, follow these simple steps and go out with a flawless face.

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