Winter Accessories with AMERICAN SWAN

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Now that winter is in full bloom, it is time to tuck away ourselves in ounces of layers. But does that mean we can’t put our best fashion foot forward? Ofcourse not. That is why we  thought of getting you the top winter accessories this season to prep up your look.

While scanning the market, we stumbled upon AMERICAN SWAN. It is a unique lifestyle brand that fuses European fashion sensibilities with classic American style-statement.  Anyone who is seeking a glamourous yet affordable collection of apparels & accessories will absolutely relish this one-stop-shop.


We pick up TOP 4 WINTER ACCESSORIES for you-





1. SOCKS: They are a must to protect your feet from the cold. But how about we move over those passe design and shades of socks and add some fun pop colors and prints onto them. It will be nice to show off some of that hue from your shoes.

2. BOOTIES: Move over boots and try these booties (like literally!). These stylish pair of shoes are perfect to kick start the festive season. They add an extra edginess and oomph factor to your outfit. Pair them with leggings or long skirts for best results.

3. STOCKING: Not only do they add a refined and modern edge to your garment, they are a great way to protect your legs from the cold. You can experiment with colours and prints and pair them up with short dresses and skirts.

4. SCARF: A good checkered scarf never goes out of fashion. There is definitely a vintage feel to this piece. Drape it around your neck in multiple ways and add on a jacket.


We must say, the stuff at American Swan is SUPER CHIC, CLASSY yet AFFORDABLE. Go visit their website for more details and enjoy the festive discounts!


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