Blogging for Business with Blogmint

by Coquettes February 28, 2015 0 comment

Often as bloggers we have felt the need for a platform that recognizes the community. A body which respects our work and not just treat us as free labour. When all of us bloggers would get together, we would often discuss these issues and crib about the fact that X brand didn’t pay a blogger whereas they did pay some other. It was high time these issues were addressed.

We were in for a pleasant surprise when we stumbled upon a unique platform Blogmint


Blogmint is India’s 1st automated platform that connects brands and bloggers. It helps brands identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful content.

The brand benefits by way of influencer marketing and the bloggers benefit by way of writing reviews and earning money. It’s a win-win situation. T-uh-da!!

SC Speak: It is liberating to have a platform which connects bloggers to the brands directly. Being rewarded for your work is the most gratifying feeling! We highly recommend all bloggers to sign up for this platform!

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