Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine

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With Valentine’s Day just one day away, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect date, Well for those of you who are single – we understand how annoying it is to be reminded about the fact that you haven’t found that special someone yet?

But all you Single Ladies out there – don’t you worry because we’ve devised a fool-proof plan for you to have a good time -This is the single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day.

Best way to celebrate is by pampering yourself, after all there is nothing better than “Loving Yourself” – that’s right, Team Style Coquettes recommends a visit to Worship Salon and Gentlemen’s Tonic; I have to say I visited the salon for their #VelvetValentine special and I was mighty impressed.

valentines invite1_menu

Indulge your sweet tooth this V day by treating yourself to something sweet – bake a cake and invite your friends or just head out with your girlfriends for a cozy Cookie and Coffee afternoon.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

There’s no better day to celebrate ALL the people you love. Be it friends or family, you should never pass up an opportunity to celebrate all the beautiful people in your life. Consider throwing a Pajama Party for your closest friends and you’ll be SORTED!!


So stop being boring and start planning NOW!!!!


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