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by Coquettes April 6, 2015 0 comment

I overheard a guy saying ” I spend a lot of my time looking into a girl’s handbag- with her permission ofcourse!” I don’t know about the permission part but what I do know is looking for something in a girl’s bag is like finding a needle in a haystack 🙂 For a girl her bag is her world. It’s like she can literally run away with it 🙂

That’s why I wanted a perfect fashion week partner for myself which would have stuffed in everything from my mood to my camera. Nothing could have been better than the Layla Bucket Bag in Tan from Vitasta Design.



Layla Bucket Bag in Tan from Vitasta Design



Hand-Crafted from pure leather, the bag reflects the brand’s ideology of “Luxury+Utility”.




Brainchild of Aditi Dhar, a graduate of National Institute of Design, the label is an amalgamation of traditions with modern design practices. From a western to an Indian to a fusion outfit, the bag fits in all sensibilities with ease.



Happy Memories!

Get your hands on the limited edition piece soon and create HAPPY MEMORIES!!


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