Fashion is a click away with #Fame Lakmé School Of Style

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One head, many hats – by now we all know that Karan Johar embodies a multi-faceted personality. From director to producer to actor to a television host, he has done it all, so what’s next?

Well there is no stopping for this prolific Indian filmmaker as now he is all set to take the digital world by storm because now Karan Johar has even taken up the role as the Editor-in-chief of LSOS (Lakmé School Of Style), that’s right; India’s first fashion video magazine.

Here’s a glimpse to one of the latest episodes on #Fame about the Big Fat Indian Weddings.

After all who better than KJO – the “Reel Life Wedding Guru” to give us all an insight into the wedding masala. Love the fact how KJO is so candid in this video, one can actually relate to all wedding shenanigans that he mentions here.

Have A Look!

Karan Johar understands the power of digital and the new wave of promising young talent hence he has collaborated with Lakme School Of Style to built content to connect strongly with young audiences. Karan Johar sets the theme for every issue and works with his army of fashion vloggers to contribute to India’s first digital magazine by #Fame on a daily and monthly basis.

Imagine a  fashion brigade led by Karan Johar himself ?? They will bring the best of fashion news, views and events from all over the world to the internet screen. The debut season of Lakmé School of Style has begun and trust us it will only get better each month.

As mentioned this wonderful initiative by #Fame – the biggest entertainment digital network is truly unique. #Fame provides you with a platform to showcase your talent and of course makes you the rising star of today and we can vouch for it because- yours truly “Team Style Coquettes” is also a part of it and we can’t thank #Fame enough for supporting us and giving us the required backing to make us popular.

From trends to DIY’s to Events to Gossip- we will be decoding all for you ; so don’t hesitate and subscribe to  #Fame Lakmé School of Style because it’s high time you added style and glamour to your life.

Now Fashion is a click away – with #FAME’s  Lakmé School of Style

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