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With panoramic views of the lush green landscaped gardens, Tamra at Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel is a contemporary multi-cuisine all-day dining restaurant inspired from the early ages of culinary evolution when copper (tamra) vessels were key components in making a perfect meal. Conceptualised by the renowned Dubai based Stickman Design, the restaurant features an extensive international and national buffet and an à la carte spread to tantalize your taste buds and deliver a delectable dining experience.

Experience grandeur and utmost elegance

A beacon of culinary excellence, the restaurant offers an eclectic mix of new dining experience to Delhi with a multi-buffet concept that offers global cuisines from Europe, Japan, India and South East Asia. Equipped with five interactive kitchens, the culinary drama unfolds in a spectacular rhythm at the all-day dining restaurant .


Rustic yet elegant, the architectural style of the restaurant is striking and vibrant – from the back lit copper signage at the reception to the copper hanging pots  displayed over the two infinity tables where mirrored walls provide an exaggerated view – it is truly a gastronomic and theatrical experience.

Gastronomical Delight 

This was our first visit to Tamra and we have to say we were mighty impressed by their gracious hospitality. As we were led to our table, an array of strategically placed buffet food counters caught our eye. By far the most extensive lunch buffet, It was massive!

The menu was meticulously planned featuring familiar tastes with an exotic epicurean curiosity.

  • Sushi Platter

The impeccable Japanese treat was the first dish to arrive, I have to say that I am no sushi connoisseur but the tuna and salmon sushi deserve a special mention, the flavors were clean, and as a welcome change, not dry and bland.

Tamra Sushi Platter

Tamra Sushi Platter

  • Dim-Sum Delight

Flavorful yet refined is how we would define our dim sum experience. Served with just the right kind of dressing that doesn’t overpower the dim sums. While the Corn and Asparagus dim sums , played with textures in a refreshing bite, the prawn dim sums were an absolute delight.


Prawn Dim Sums

  • Ambedi Mahi Tikka

These succulent chunks of sole fish smeared with masalas and raw mango paste should crown the list of your quick Tandoori bites.

Ambedi Mahi Tikka

Ambedi Mahi Tikka

  •  Chicken Trinkets

The crispy fried chicken trinkets served with with peanut sauce were tender to bite into and crispy on the outside – this innovative Thai fusion made our dinning experience worthwhile.

Chicken Trinkets

Chicken Trinkets

  • Mozzarella Cheese Melt

This savory Focaccia bread topped with pesto marinated vegetables was again absolutely delicious. Maybe the only disappointing factor was the texture as we felt it was heavy and dense.


*In all honesty the team at Tamra, believes in the policy of serving a unique experience to their guests and one has to visit this place to actually experience all of it!

  • Tamra Chocolate

Last but not the least – our favorite part of the meal; the dessert part is something which always makes or breaks a meal for us and we have to say our lunch date at Tamra was made. Although we do not have a photograph that could do justice to this spectacular desserts but their desserts were unpretentious and a refreshing change from the usual suspects. From in house Gelatos to the Crème brûlée and to the most perfect chocolate dessert we’ve ever had – no kidding;”The Tamra Chocolate” was just beyond amazing.

Tamra Chocolate

Tamra Chocolate


Our Take

Their eye for detail and attention paid to every tiny speck is just mind blowing – the fact that every counter was specifically segregated into vegetarian and non vegetarian section shows how considerate the team is at Tamra and they can go to any extent to make their guests feel comfortable.

Style Coquettes marks this place as – A must visit with your family!

For a complete insight into the Fine dining experience at Tamra click here:

– Lunch Buffet at Tamra       -Rs. 1,950 per person (exclusive of taxes)

– Dinner Buffet at Tamra      -Rs 2100 per person   (exclusive of taxes)

– Breakfast Buffet at Tamra – Rs 1100 per person   (exclusive of taxes)

Tamra, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, 19, Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi. For reservations, call 011-41191010.

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