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Ever gone to a spa and come back craving for those peculiar fragrances that make each treatment a refreshing joy? Irrespective of the fragrances or the sources of the fragrances, the smell of freshness lingers onto you long after you walk out of the spa. It calms the mind, soothes the nerves and makes us very curious about aromatherapy.

What if it could be recreated at home? Wouldn’t a whiff of rose add a touch of romance to your life? If you are doubtful, read on for our collection of tips.




– The most basic step in our experience in creating a lifestyle of freshness – and a home that reflects it – is ventilation. Yes, yes, it sounds like a pain in the summer, and the dust isn’t very inviting. But it is the only way to clear out the smells that tell what masalas you used in your last meal.

– Keeping your books and clothes moth-free is another important point of note. If the walls are musty during monsoon, all the more reason to circulate air and keep things dry and odour-free.

– Adding plants to your house would also help adding freshness to the indoor environment, as they remove toxins from the air and lower temperatures.

– Finally, the tip that clinches the deal, that introduces a fresh new fragrance to an already clean house, is a good air freshener. In this matter, we like AirWick Freshmatic Automatic Spray. This incredibly convenient freshener – automatic, battery-powered with time settings to control the intensity – is a fragrance solution in a stylish bottle that looks pretty sleek in any decor. Each fragrance creates a different mood, so you can try from Mystic Sandal and Jasmine, Lavender Dew, Lemon Garden and Velvet Rose. Another noteworthy feature of the spray is that it is long-lasting, around 55 days at low intensity, so you can enjoy each fragrance at leisure.




Go on, freshen it up. After all, your first impression on entering an unfamiliar house depends as much on smell as on looks!

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