5 Reasons Why Phicomm Passion 660 is a Unique Smartphone

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Smartphones today have literally transformed our lifestyle, especially when it comes to bloggers like us because as you may know we are always on the go; hence it’s important for us to have a phone that is fab and fuss free in every aspect.

From a high res camera with an amazing battery life to some high tech features to help us  post images and articles in unique fashion.

A unique smart phone is what makes our world go round and in our opinion Phicomm’s Passion 660 is one such phone in the market which is unique in every possible way.

Have a look at the top 5 reasons which sets this phone apart from the rest:


1) Look

No Kidding!! This phone is definitely one of the lightest  (110 gms) device ever. Despite its large size, the phone is easy to carry around. It Looks sleek, trendy and expensive, which mind you is a plus point given that the phone is priced at  Rs 10,999/- only.

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2) Gesture Control

The Air gestures feature is one of the coolest features on this device as it  uses the front camera to detect the wave gestures. Basically one needs to put their hand in 3cm to 15cm range and use the wave gesture to operate the phone. From unlocking the device to changing songs to viewing pictures in the phone gallery – all can be controlled via gestures. Isn’t that unique?


3) Camera

The 13-megapixel rear camera on the back of the phone and 5-megapixel on the front is certainly  a good deal for the price you paying. From wide angle selfie option to zero shutter, burst mode, sunset mode to  Anti-shake feature and a few color effects; the camera offers various options.


4) Motion Shot

Now that we are mentioning the camera let me tell you that the phone captures great shots even while you are in motion without any disruption and that’s one of the reasons why we loved the phone.


5) Pedometer

Last but not the least the pedometer is a feature which enables one to track how much you walk in a day and also counts the calories burnt! Set a goal and record your growth towards good health with Phicomm.




VERDICT:  PHICOMM truly offers a good set of specifications at an aggressive price, making it a value for money proposition.

Phicomm – Passion 660 Review with Style Coquettes

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