6 Signs That Show You Are Still Not Over Magnetic Fields

by Coquettes December 27, 2015 0 comment

I’ve got #FestivalFever and Magnetic Field is an itch that will last for..god knows how long.

The reason why I am writing this is because I need #CLOSURE yes a closure to an event that prides itself on user experience and creating an extravagant and eccentric playground for ravers who can’t get enough of music.

Returning to the “real” world after an insane musical weekend can be a bit tough; I am sure people who attended the festival this year would agree with me that it will take us a while before we get over Magnetic Fields, In the meantime allow me to help you.


6 Signs that show you’re still not over #MagneticFields 

1) You are still wearing your music festival wristband because you value it more than anything else you own at this point.


2) Your friends are sick of hearing you talk about how #Epic RATATAT/DJ Koze’s set was.

giphy (2)

3) No matter what your friends and family think of you; your heart still races when you hear your favorite dj’s set.


4) You will find yourself bobbing to any rhythmic sound you hear like the sound of the hair dryer or washing machine.. but don’t you worry my friend,we understand.. the struggle is real!

giphy (1)

5) You will appreciate Bappi Lahiri and Mika Singh’s fashion sense, coz now you know how it feels to wear sunglasses at night.


6) Sufi nights might seem like a BIG JOKE to you.. coz once you go #SoulClap you can’t go Back!!

giphy (3)

Facing the fact that the festival is over is just unbearable.. But you know that in less than a year you’ll be back there in the field dancing your heart out with your friends, so snap out of it and come back to reality!

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