What are you doing this Sunday?

by Coquettes December 10, 2015 0 comment

A day which we all anxiously wait throughout the week is SUNDAY. It’s the day we want to laze around and chill with our friends.

Now that winters are in full force, we are sure all of you want to avoid late night fog driving. But does that leave us with limited options? Well, ofcourse not. We give you the perfect options for making your SUNDAY a FUNDAY!

Brunch at Guppy by Ai

Nothing is better than those endless conversations over some good food and wine. Soak in the winter sun while you are pampered with the delicious Japenese spread at Guppy by Ai.




SC Says: Ideal place for a girls day out


Details as follows

Table Brunch Emailer


Sundowner at Cherie One Qutub

An escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city life, Cherie provides an almost serene and tranquil ambience. You could choose the opulent dining room, peaceful terrace or the green courtyard to slouch over some grills, DIY bar and live music.





SC Says: Ideal place for a romantic sojourn


Details as follows

slouch fb

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