10 Reasons Champagne Should Be Every Girl’s Poison

by Coquettes February 22, 2016 0 comment

All you ladies out there, pop that bubbly right away and top off your flutes as we are about to tell you why this festive beverage is every girl’s ideal poison.

1) Style on the menu

Champagne is one beverage that makes you appear classy. So even if you are not dressed to the T but you have a glass of champagne on you – you will still look like a royalty.

Kim K

2) Uber Feminine

Pink and gold champagne poured in those delicate flutes makes it all the more delectable and feminine.

pink champagne

3) Celebrations

No one can deny the fact that champagne is synonymous with celebration. After all no sound on earth shouts “special occasion” more than the unmistakable pop of a cork from a bottle of champagne.

4) Stress Buster

Work stress? Boyfriend trouble? Drink some champagne, as they say “May your joy be pure joy and may your pain be champagne,” Bubbly contains natural trace elements that may help boost your mood and make you feel happy.

5) Spirit Lifter

There is just something about bubbly that gives a gentle high and boosts your confidence. Ever wondered how that girl manages to be the life of every party? Well the answer is champagne.

6) Health

Did you know that champagne can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, because apparently the antioxidant properties in it help lower your blood pressure. Thanks to that now each one of us can justify sipping on champagne.


7) Beauty Benefit

Champagne gives another reason for girls to say cheers as it’s an amazing skin toner and a natural moisturizer that hydrates and tones – leaving the skin supple and soft.

giphy (8)

8) Slim Sip

Speaking of weight loss, champagne may be the alcoholic beverage which every girl should turn to as it’s calorie count is much less than other alcoholic beverages.

giphy (2)

9) Hair Expert

Well that’s not all that champagne brings to the table as far as beauty is concerned. It is also considered as a good conditioning agent for your luscious locks. That’s right; Rinse your hair with bubby and it will bring out the desired shine and volume to your locks.

big hair

10) Cocktail Delight

Women are usually more inclined towards dazzling cocktails than pure hard liquor and that’s where champagne blends in perfectly because it’s remarkably versatile and can be whipped into any cocktail.

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