Grape Expectations with SULA

by Coquettes July 31, 2016 0 comment

Feast your eyes on the rolling vineyards set in the western ghats, watch the grapes being picked, crushed, blended and perfectly bottled; and then sample the finished product in the tasting room – well yes that’s how you roll when you are at the Sula Vineyards. DSC_0340

As you may know, Nashik is the wine capital of India and Sula Vineyards has had an important role in contributing to that title.

Pioneers in Indian wine making, selling and distributing. Sula holds a market share of almost 70% in the Indian wine Industry.

Last month, we drove down to Sula Vineyards from Mumbai. Greeted by a bright yellow logo of a sun at the entrance, we knew we had arrived at our destination.  The Sula logo of a sun with moustache and a tilak  signifies the Indian ethnic origin of the brand which we feel is certainly a USP as it makes the brand distinctive. 
DSC_0226From the minute we entered, we saw wine grape fields on both the sides of the path that was leading us to the Tasting Room.We were in lap of luxury and there was nothing else we could have asked for!


We opted for a private guided tour and the wine-tasting session with the team at Sula. The session was quite insightful and taught us how to appreciate each unique flavour INDEED!


Like many other people living in Delhi, even though we love wine; we may not know all about it —but thanks to Ajoy, who is the chief wine maker at Sula, we learnt the art of holding the glass and of course the 4 S’s; SWIRILL – SMELL – SIP – SAVOUR!


Up until now we had only heard of Sula Vineyards, however after experiencing this in person we can totally vouch for this beautiful experience.   Be it the panoramic view or the tastings designed to elevate the palate and your spirit, this  30 acre property is pure bliss and a luxury retreat in every sense.

Have a look!






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