No Vogue, we are not ‘desperate’, ‘ridiculous’ and ‘preening’

by Coquettes September 28, 2016 0 comment

Dear Vogue,

On the side-lines of Milan Fashion Week Spring 2017, you said some nasty things and we respond to that. (

To begin with, we have full time jobs and do blogging part time. We work our asses off during the day and then burn midnight oil to work on our blog. We are often shuttling from office to events. We surely know the art of manipulating work wear into party wear. The concept of a Sunday doesn’t exist in our lives as it is the day meant for shoots and meetings.  We are literally people on the go! And we do this because blogging is a PASSION.

What we mostly do through our blog is simply put things together. We are not ‘heralding the death of style’, but merely making fashion more accessible to a girl next door. We are democratizing the domain which was earlier the monopoly of a few.

What we do is carry forward the fashion conversation beyond the realm of covers, celebrities and brands. We talk about issues which matter. From an inspiring story of a fashion editor ( ) to breaking the conventional beauty norms, ( ) it’s really #BeyondFashion.

We earn enough to buy for our own clothes and make-up. Yes, brands do send us things to feature but we thought ‘sourcing’ was a word invented for and by the magazines. Just by the way ‘borrowing’ is a more sustainable practice! Also, last we checked, a magazine editor’s office was littered with goodies from various brands. BTW aren’t your covers ‘paid for from head to toe’??And from what Commerce we understand, magazines make money through advertisers and not really subscribers. Right?

We have worked our way through that ‘front row seat’ and haven’t gotten one by merely being an employee of a fashion magazine.

Just incase you forgot, it’s your photographers who hound us for ‘street style’ spotting. Perhaps the next time ‘we shouldn’t risk being snapped by you’.

It’s ‘funny how you are still calling us bloggers’ the way we are calling you a magazine!

We have grown up on a healthy diet of Anna Wintour and Devils Wear Prada. It saddens us that an institution of your stature would belittle us. We have worked extremely hard to achieve what we have. Please do not insult the numerous women like us who dream of standing on their own feet.

Yes we are fashion bloggers and are proud of it.

No love lost!

Fashion Bloggers

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