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MAY 22, 2017 – H&M INDIA
In the black ,there is some white. In the wrong, there is some right. In the dark, there is some light. In the blind, there is some sight.

What’s better than one fashion blogger providing major style inspo? How about two. From coordinating outfits to contrasting tastes, there’s nothing better than applying a Yin-Yang perspective.

Amanda’s dramatic take on things will keep you entertained throughout whereas; Mili’s simplistic ideologies will have you smiling for hours.

“The Yin to the Yang” – Amanda

Their style is approachable, classic, and easy. Their no-fuss approach to life and the ease with which they share their tidbits of their lives is what adds zing to their feeds.

Yang to the Yin – Mili

Therefore this harmonious balance of Yin Yang is what helps juxtapose Fashion with Functionality courtesy – Style Coquettes.


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