Playful Date With Natty

by Coquettes September 16, 2017 0 comment

We, the MILLENNIALS, often spend hours scanning e-commerce websites trying to find that perfect dress, travel accessory or gift item . From one website to another, it seems like a never ending journey. Result- OVER ABUSED DATA PACKS!! Guess what, Style Coquettes has found a solution for you- Just Get NATTY.

#NattyDotIn or Natty’s as it is called popularly, is a curated marketplace for one-of-a kind products from best creative entrepreneurs in India. Brain-child of Natisha Saraf Saraogi, the focus of is to challenge the traditional notions of design and put spotlight on emerging creative entrepreneurs. COOL, QUIRKY, CONTEMPORARY, HOMEGROWN INDIE brands is what you will find here. From unique home decor items to hipster stationery to apparel & accessories, the vibe of the brands here is a lot of fun. And that’s why it matches our sensibilities. We loathe anything boring and monotonous.

Icing on the cake, we recently got to experience the brand with a fun STAYCATION they did at ANDAZ, New Delhi. From a curated pop-up to personalisation & attention to detail, the staycation will surely go down as one of our favourites.

Sharing some of our most memorable pictures 🙂


Playing with some our favourite products from Natty’s. BTW they have some really cool home decor products and quirky frames.

P.S: Don’t miss the test tubes! (for unlimited supply of shots)



So all you shoppers there, get NATTY (or naughty)!!



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