What/Who is real beauty?

Is it the size zero model you saw on the runway? Is it the neighborhood fair complexioned girl you have been envying? Or wait, how about the girl in flowing silky hair in the advertisement you saw last night?

What if I say it is none of this. But rather being comfortable in being who “YOU” are. You must have heard that a million times. But this actually is the gospel truth. Advertisements have largely contributed in portraying women as this specimen with flawless hair, spotless skin and thin frame. But don’t you know how much work and layers of makeup along with editing goes behind putting that look together.

Consider this,

Cindy Crawford once said, “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford!”


Nandita Das resents the tag of ‘dusky’.

“Don’t add an adjective to make me feel different”


Kate Winslet was visibly upset when the cover photo of hers on GQ was manipulated and her thighs trimmed by a third without her permission.

“I don’t look like that, and I don’t desire to look like that.”


Did you see how notions about beauty have been misrepresented. I mean there is nothing wrong in wanting to look hot, sexy and beautiful. But there is certainly a problem in objectifying women and presenting manipulated concepts of beauty which become naturalized.

So all you girls there, if next time you feel conscious of your skin colour or weight, turn into these stars for inspiration! Don’t forget to believe in “YOU”.

This post has been inspired by a series of films made by JeanKilBourne titled Killing Us Softly.

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So, I got a chance to be at designer Anupama Dayal’s store at DLF Promende and get first hand information for all you lovely ladies about what is it cooking there. And let me tell you, the dish is quite spicy :)



Anupama’s latest collection ‘Ishq-e-Dilli’ is an ode to the city which she has made home. It is inspired by rich Islamic art and Mughal traditions. She manages to give the traditional stuff a modern twist which is very wearable in our daily lives. Sharara inspired trousers, lehenga inspired skirts, jamas and angarkhas are something that all girls would love to wear. There is something for everyone.


Particularly interesting are accessories like pearl neck-pieces and scarves to jazz up a boring day.



So all you G-town people, you know where to hop next.

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This Autumn Winter, French Connection gets you vintage aristocratic idea of country life with the urban sleekness of the modern city. The retro inspired look nods to the sixties using classic shapes and silhouettes. Shades of black and white underpin the range, leaving the addition of strong graphic prints and sequin pieces to decorate the collection’s stand-out items.


Trend Watch:

– Strong Graphic Prints

– Candy Coloured Coats

The collection begins from Rs.1299 and is available at all French Connection stores across India.

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We know Hip Hop music and the Hip Hop lifestyle has got a lot to do with the way you dress up. Not to forget their fetish for sneakers, that’s one thing which you can’t neglect because sneakers define a certain personality and character.


Just as the name suggests, the Adidas Superstar differentiates the superstars from the mere wannabes. Being the favorite shoe for break-dancers, and rappers, the sneakers got its much acclaim from promotions by Run-DMC. Today these shoes are iconic and are much loved for its durability and the almost literally indestructible rubberized toecap.

To this date, these newly launched iconic sneakers maintain to be a favorite among Hip Hop icons like Jay Z, Rihanna, Kanye West and many others


The Superstars (now known officially as the “Superstar II” ) are now available in all Adidas Originals stores across India with brand new colorways and designs as a fashion shoe with themes such as NBA teams and major US cities.

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Want the Bollywood Diva look?? Want to be a fashionista?? Don’t know how to get it right??

Well Well!! Your search ends here with The Collective’s Stylist on Boardprogramme which bridges the gap between fashion, Bollywood & the consumer, allowing The Collective customer access to the stylists that are behind the fashion statements of Bollywood’s best. Catch them in action- Anaita Shroff Adajania, EktaRajani, Niharika Khan, Ami Patel, Archana Walavalkar, Kushal Parmanand, Nitasha Gaurav and Mohit&Aastha.


The first initiative under the program was the launch of India’s first Fashion Art Book ‘The Green Room’. It showcases The Collective Autumn/ Winter 2013 merchandise in the stylist’s own unique style.The edgy’ily’ stylish book takes you behind the camera and gives you all the backstage drama and gossip!! So grab your copy today.




For more information:

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With superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone on the ramp, stunning old world setting and 1930′s inspired wedding collection, Bollywood’s favourite designer Manish Malhotra brought the curtain down at the PCJ Delhi Couture.



Though I am not much of a Manish Malhotra Fan but this grand finale was indeed breathtaking ,it was absolutely electrifying.

From the pattern to the cuts to the theme set up.. everything was absolutely classic !!!!

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Satya Paul and Masaba presented their first ever demi-couture collection during the third day of Delhi Couture Week !!!





The demi- couture collection was an introduction to the extended line of Satya Paul couture, to be launched later this year. To add to the beauty of the brand’s first ever demi-couture presentation, striking models, superstar Anil Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor stars heated the ramp in PCJ’s breathtaking Polki and Diamond jewellery to add the sparkle to the panorama.


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