I have always been a fan of Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma Magic products. Using the ancient Art and Science of AROMATHERAPY, essential oils are blended to help our body and soul be in harmony.  And this philosophy is also practiced at their Spalon in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi.
Over-looking the Hauz Khas Deer Park, Blossom Kochhar Earth to Bottle Spalon is a serene and calm space. I  have made frequent trips here but never tried a facial (being paranoid about my oily skin!). But their latest range of SUMMER COOLER facials were hard to resist. They are actually super foods for skin. I opted for a cucumber one.
The therapist Savita ushered me in the facial room on the first floor with a soothing sound-track playing in the backdrop. The facial began with inhaling in of peppermint oil. Cleansing- Exfoliating- Applying pack followed. What was special about the facial was that it used a lot of natural and fresh ingredients like cucumber and lemon. Also essential oils like peppermint which work well for acne. This was followed by a yummy mint infusion at the Tea Room.
My take: This facial works wonders for an oily skin like mine and helps control acne. It is also useful in removing tan and puffy eyes and gives a natural glow to the face.
There are also some other drool worthy options to choose from: Watermelon/Veg Sledge Facial
Price: Rs 2500 plus taxes
Address: Blossom Kochhar Earth to Bottle Spalon
No.1, Part 1, Hauz Khas Village,
New Delhi-110016
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Every-time, I walk into Select CITYWALK, there is an extraordinary experience waiting at each of their many stores.

If you’re anything like me, then you will love—LOVE!—the thrill of a natural – herbal beauty find.
Imagine an entire store filled with Herbal Ayurvedic products!
Of course, the mall carries all the essential beauty labels like Chanel, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Sephora, Inglot, Lancôme—to name just a few. However, there is something about Shahnaz Husain, the Ayurvedic beauty store at Select CITYWALK that has been in the market for over 4 decades now.

It is my go to brand for all things hair if not anything else. After all, it is the ancient science of Ayurveda blended perfectly with the expertise that comes with the brand. I am sure we all know about her famous Henna, since many of us swear by it. However, there are other products that would totally win you over. Read on to find out:

Shahnaz Husain Shatone Scalp Tonic

It fortifies the hair, also helps get rid of the dandruff. Not just that, it nourishes the scalp, in order to achieve healthy looking, lustrous hair.

Shahnaz Husain Arnica Hair Oil

It is a formulation which combines the medicinal properties with Amla, Sandalwood, Bhringraj and Brahmi and works on toning the blood circulation in the scalp and hence promoting hair growth and volume. The active ingredients in this oil prevent hair fall, dandruff & premature greying – making it my personal favourite. 🙂

We all want thick and shiny hair but most of us are dissatisfied with the products we use, Thus I would suggest you to head out to try the good old humble hair care products at Shahnaz Husain.

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Winters are at its peak and hence it’s time to talk about the perfect beauty regime that we have been following this winter courtesy L’Occitane.

First of all I believe that this particular brand deserves much more love than what it is currently receiving. Back in college I was introduced to L’Occitane by my mum, who bought me their Shea Butter Hand Cream and since then I have been a huge fan of this brand and have have also tried their other products.

If you haven’t been to L’Occitane, then I urge you all to head to Select CITYWALK in Saket , New Delhi and check out their outlet there – It’s like walking into a little piece of heaven for skincare and beauty lovers! It certainly is a pure luxury Beauty Brand and the treatment you receive walking in there, justifies that completely!

Anyhow coming back to our latest winter beauty regime, I have to say that If your skin needs a pick-me-up, then Immortelle range by L’Occitane is your best bet this winter. From their Milk Make up remover to their intense cleansing foam to their precious night cream – this skin-saving trio is a wise start to end your day with in order to preserve your youthful skin.

Here’s a Sneak Peak into what the range has in store for us:

Well as you know it’s’s no secret that winter can be jarring on your body; thus make your way to SELECT CITYWALK and get your beauty fix at Loccitane!

PS: Did we tell you they also do free skin consultation and recommend what’s best suited for your skin 🙂

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Hello, Hello Lovlies!  I hope today brings you joy especially since it’s Christmas eve!

I have a fun and exciting blog post for you today, well at least I think it is!

I am not much of a make up junkie but there is certainly something about this festive month. I always end up purchasing makeup. Maybe; because winters are kinda gloomy hence it’s always a good idea to put on a bright lipstick with bold eyes and a trench coat to enjoy the festive fervour.

Recently I made a beeline for Sephora while I was shopping at Select CITYWALK.

One great thing about Sephora’s store layout is the fact that every beauty product on offer has a sample available for customers to test out. There are also shop assistants on hand who offer you their help the minute you step into a store.

I have been meaning to try out the benefit’s Brow Zing line, since I was on spree thought might as well figure out the perfect look for christmas. I love how customers are allowed to feel the different makeup textures and swatch the products on their own skin.

Have a look at the magic the peeps at Sephora tried to weave for my Christmas look:

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For all of you beauty buffs out there obsessed with the ‘K’ factor (not Ekta Kapoor definitely!). The KOREAN beauty giant The Face Shop makes an entry into India with its line of beauty, skin-care and make-up products. Rooted in the Korean philosophy of using the best possible natural ingredients, the products are super food for our skin. Chia seed, mango seed, blueberry extracts, ginseng, Jeju island extracts, etc etc etc. It’s the closest you can get to nature.

Team Style Coquettes is crushing over the Hydrating Face Mask and the CC Intense Cushion Cover. The mask is in form of a sheet and is super handy and ease to use. One can just put it anywhere and everywhere (from office to home we mean!) for a refreshing looking skin. On the other hand, the CC cushion is a perfect make-up base. It is almost like running a moist sponge on the face for a flawless looking skin.


Also here are some quick tips on ‘3 Make-up Mistakes to Avoid’.


We are surely excited. How about you? Read more.



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Tropical setting, music, cocktails, beach…We are grooving to everything Caribbean and are in no mood to let go of the summers so might as well enjoy what is left of it!

And when we talk Caribbean, how can we miss Pina Colada? But with a twist. From a cocktail to a beauty essential. You heard it right. That’s what The Body Shop did with its Special Edition Piñita Colada range.

Endowed with  the hint of coconut and kiss of pineapple, this is a heady concoction your skin needs. Pineapple is a rich source of Vitamin C and amino acids. It also makes for a great exfoliator to remove dead cells. Coconut like our grannies always used to tell is full of health benefits. It is full of proteins and repairs the skin to give it a healthy glow.


The shower gel will leave you feeling refreshed and hydrated while the body butter will nourish your skin to make it smooth and supple. The fresh fruitiness is match made in a tropical paradise.

So put on some music and let the party begin!! *wink wink wink*

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We all have things we don’t like about ourselves but do you embrace your flaws or do you obsess about fixing them?

Many of us have trouble embracing things we perceive to be imperfections and trust me I use to be one of them – from my arms to my broad structure to my eyes,my nose, as a matter of fact I was conscious about almost everything.

We often complain about the things we see as being “wrong” in terms of our appearance. However the only thing that’s wrong is being hard on yourself. Nobody’s perfect and I guess the sooner you realise that you’ll be able to own your flaws and roll with them.

As silly as it may seem, the relationship that you have with yourself can make a huge difference in the relationship you have with others. Learning to love yourself definitely takes some time but trust me, it is possible!

So for all you women out there; we at Style Coquettes are all set to share “4 REASONS TO LOVE YOURSELF” this Women’s Day!

1) There ain’t nobody like you girl!

One of the reasons to love your imperfections is that they’re unique. Your flaws are a part of what creates your appearance and makes you familiar to others. Would you really want to iron out your individuality and look like everyone else? Remember you don’t have to go along with everyone else in fact; you gotta stand out.

edit 2

2) You are full of character!

Our imperfections give us character. You are an individual and have your own identity. I wonder why would you want to wipe off your individuality and give it all up to look like someone else. I am tall and broad and not your typical dainty little girl; hence I love it 🙂

edited 5

3) You call it “Flaw” they call it your “Strength”

Believe it or not I bet that there are people who admire “that “characteristic of yours. You might see it as a flaw but surprisingly they see it as your strength. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have witnessed others being complimented on things that they hated about themselves! What you perceive as a flaw is something that someone would pay to have!

edit 3

4) Girl you amazing “Just the way you are”

Finally, why not accept that you are amazing the way you are? We all have things about ourselves that we’d like to change, but some things can’t be changed.
You were born with different features and traits for a reason, not so you can pick yourself apart and spend your life trying to change or cover those things up! Trust me you are a #Shawty in your own right, so be proud of it 😉

edit 4

Just love your imperfections because you wouldn’t be who you are without them. They make you interesting and you can be sure that others either like them or don’t even notice them. So please do yourself a favour this Women’s Day and stop wasting your life by regretting and wishing if you were taller, slimmer etc.. Celebrate it and groove along to the tunes of Bruno Mars… coz girl you amazing……..



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