It’s not everyday that you witness a ‘COUTURE STYLING’ event for a hair brand. But that is exactly what KERASTASE did to mark its 50 years in hair excellence. It offered 6 unique hair styling products to mark the day.

Left: K Creative Team, Right: Smira Bakshi, GM Kerastase India

Left: K Creative Team, Right: Smira Bakshi, GM Kerastase India




This season, undress your hair. It’s all about free-flowing wavy dos.

K Creative Show

K Creative Show

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Which is that part of the body that is most abused and used and yet neglected. Well, not very hard to guess, it’s our foot. We exploit them and then forget to take care of them.




Taking care of them the way we do for our other body parts is extremely important. Winters with it get’s its fair share of foot problems- moisture loss, cracked heals, bacterial and fungal infections.

A few simple remedies will make your feet soft, supple and ever glowing.

– Wear socks to protect your feet

– Apply foot cream to moisturize them

– Soak feet in warm water for relaxation

– Massage with oil for improved blood circulation

– Exfoliate with a scrub to remove dead cells


While scanning the market for perfect foot product, we came across SWEET ALMOND FOOT AND TOE CREAM from THE NATURE’S CO. Made up for ingredients such as lemongrass oil, shea butter and glycerin, the cream serves as as an all-in-one therapy. It’s application is particularly useful in winters and is also a very good post-pedicure care cream.


Sweet Almond Foot & Toe Cream from The Nature's Co

Sweet Almond Foot & Toe Cream from The Nature’s Co


For best results, apply the foot cream in circular motion and massage till the time the moisture gets absorbed by the foot. Leave it over-night and wrap your feet in socks.

Foot Care with NaturesCo

Foot Care with NaturesCo


Priced at Rs 445 its a complete steal.

Available at Natures Co stores across the country

For more information, visit:


It’s not for nothing that the dialogue from Pakeezah “Apne per zameen par mat rakhiage, maile ho jaenge” is so iconic.

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Different Skin Types

Different Skin Types


The first step in determining the right beauty regimen is to understand’s one skin type. Often we pick up product’s which aren’t even meant for our skin and end up doing more harm than good. Thus, it is essential to know what kind of skin you have and buy products keeping that in mind.

Pat your skin dry after cleaning it and look into the mirror to know your category:

1) Normal

2) Combination

3) Dry

4) Oily

5) Sensitive




Photo Courtesy: Missbenoist


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Every woman has an old pair of shoes in the closet , which she doesn’t fancy anymore or thinks they’re too old and ugly!! But why throw them when there’s solution to make them shine again!!

Yes that’s exactly what we did at Style Coquettes with our old ugly pair of shoes!!!

….Simple and fantastic makeover for your shoes ….

DIY for Fancy Feet this NYE !!


-Pair of old pumps (preferably a neutral shade)


-Thick Glue


-Charms , Diamantes , embellishments

Once you’re done with Gathering your supplies, just follow the steps below:


diy shoes.jpg



1. Use whatever confetti and trinkets you have lying around at home.

2. Decide on the look of your shoes.

3. Basis the look you have in mind , place the trinkets on the shoe and use thick glue to secure the same.

4. And Yes, That’s how you rock an old shoe by going all OTT !!


1. Use the lace to tie cute little bows .(You can go bigger or smaller depending on how large you want the bow to be.)

2. Position the bows correctly on the shoes and use thick glue to stick the bow.

3.  Voila! Flat, ladylike bow pumps are ready!!

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So all you G-Town people. It’s that part of the year when you want to put your best foot forward and look ravishing. Hmmm, confused about what beauty products to pick?? Well Well!! SC is here at your rescue. We bring you the best beauty products of this season. Pick them up and be ‘BEAUTYlicious’.


Colorbar Glitterati Top

Don’t miss to dazzle and set off shock waves of disco-craze of glimmer. Shine with the exciting top coat.

Colorbar Gliteratti Retro Gold

Colorbar Gliteratti Retro Gold


Inglot holiday edition make-up bags

The pale pink bag creates a warm look, with blusher, eye shadows, lipstick and nail varnish from every shade along the pink to red spectrum. These impressionable colours create a more complete look for your every occasion.

Inglot Festival Make-up Bag

Inglot Festival Make-up Bag


Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks

Always though of getting customized eye shadows for yourself. How about clicking together your pick from a range of 30 breathtaking colours.

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks

Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks


Nature’s Co Orange Eye Pillow

So you though pillows are just for putting your head onto?? Think again. With these Orange Pillows seated on your eyes, relieve yourself of all the stress. This is a perfect after party therapy!!

Nature's Co Orange Eye Pillow

Nature’s Co Orange Eye Pillow


So get set, go!!

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So did you think perfumes and deodorants are just about masking body odor. Well well! Think again. Wear them right to make the perfect impression. With this SC guide, things just got easier.


Perfume is nothing but a mixture of alcohol and and water. The quantity of alcohol decides the category of fragrance. It is important to understand the category before applying one:


1) Extract’or ‘extrait perfume: Contains 15-40% concentrate and lasts upto 6 hours.

2) Eau de parfum: Contains 7-15% concentrate and lasts upto 4 hours.

3) Eau de toilette: Contains 1-6% concentrate and lasts upto 3 hours.

4) Eau de cologne: It is a fragrance combined with citrus oils. It fades within an hour.



Image courtesy: Fragrance Shop UK, Soach

Also, look out for the following before picking up the right one:

– Occasion and setting: You might not want to wear an extract to your cramped workplace.

– Skin type: Perfume dissipates faster on dry skin, so opt for a higher concentration.

– Let the test strip dry for 5 min before soaking in the actual fragrance.

– Apply it on your pulse points: center of the neck, behind the ear, inner wrists, and behind the knee.

Trivia: A deodorant is largely used to eliminate body odor as opposed to perfume whose primary function is to add fragrance. It is usually applied on armpits. The concentration of fragrant oils in perfumes is much higher and they last longer as compared to a deodorant.



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All you G-Town peeps, planning a hair cut? Stop consulting your friends on the cut you should go in for. Stop relying blindly on the hair stylist. All you need to do is figure out your face cut and choose an appropriate style. Isn’t it simple?

Here is your Hair-Cut guide.

First of all, pull your hair back in a pony and look into the mirror to find out what kind face cut you have.


Now that you know what shape you are, SC suggests these looks.

1) Square face:

Long and flowing hair will add length to your face. If you have short hair, keep it curly and rounded. Bangs can accentuate your head and take away attention from the broad jawline.


2) Oval Face

You have a versatile cut and can sport any hair cut without having to worry. Avoid bangs in the area which hide your face.


3) Round Face

Try adding in layers to your cut to take away from the roundness of the face. Long-side bangs will add length to the face. The optimum hair length for a round face is shoulder length and longer.

The trick is to make your face appear oval.


4) Oblong Face

The trick is to make your face look shorter.

Go in for short bobs as it will create width. Bangs will guide attention to the forehead and make your face look shorter. Avoid very short hair.


5) Diamond Face

The trick is to reduce angularity and highlight your cheek-bones.

Avoid short bangs. Side fringes will do you good. Try adding in layers to your hair.


6) Heart Shape

Trick is to try cutting in the wider forehead.

Go in for free flowing hair till the jawline. Try out layered and razored ends as they will add length to your face.


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What/Who is real beauty?

Is it the size zero model you saw on the runway? Is it the neighborhood fair complexioned girl you have been envying? Or wait, how about the girl in flowing silky hair in the advertisement you saw last night?

What if I say it is none of this. But rather being comfortable in being who “YOU” are. You must have heard that a million times. But this actually is the gospel truth. Advertisements have largely contributed in portraying women as this specimen with flawless hair, spotless skin and thin frame. But don’t you know how much work and layers of makeup along with editing goes behind putting that look together.

Consider this,

Cindy Crawford once said, “I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford!”


Nandita Das resents the tag of ‘dusky’.

“Don’t add an adjective to make me feel different”


Kate Winslet was visibly upset when the cover photo of hers on GQ was manipulated and her thighs trimmed by a third without her permission.

“I don’t look like that, and I don’t desire to look like that.”


Did you see how notions about beauty have been misrepresented. I mean there is nothing wrong in wanting to look hot, sexy and beautiful. But there is certainly a problem in objectifying women and presenting manipulated concepts of beauty which become naturalized.

So all you girls there, if next time you feel conscious of your skin colour or weight, turn into these stars for inspiration! Don’t forget to believe in “YOU”.

This post has been inspired by a series of films made by JeanKilBourne titled Killing Us Softly.

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