New Year is around the corner, and everybody is busy celebrating. It is the time when many uninvited guests visit us, and we do not get much time to prepare a meal for them!

Mili has solved this problem as she shares an easy to make Yogurt dip to have with chips, snack or even nachos!

How to make this easy yogurt recipe? Well start with noting down the ingredients here:

– Mayonnaise
– Pepper
– Lemon Juice
– Hung Curd
– Salt
– Ground Mint

Follow the easy steps demonstrated by Mili in the video and enjoy the yogurt dip paired up with any snack of your choice.

Wish you a Happy New Year 2015!

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During winters, you don’t feel like going for a head bath because it is so cold out there and that’s the last thing you wanna do. So, what one should do when things are not going your way but at the same time you wanna look nice on that particular day because it’s an event or something. Today, Amanda is going to tell you how you can look pretty and nice without having to worry about your second hair day.

For this look, you just require a Dry Shampoo and Talcum Powder

Watch the video to know how you can make your second day hair or oily hair look nice, voluminous and pretty.

Go girls and get the voluminous look for the night!!

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Parandi symbolizes tradition and culture giving a soft natural classy look to you. But have you ever thought of having a trendy fashionable look with Parandi? Today Mili is going to show you how to rock Parandis to have four gorgeous looks this wedding season.

4 Gorgeous looks in Parandi:
1) Take the Parandi and put it around your neck and turn it into a nice neckpiece.
2) Make a Kamarband out of Parandi
3) Wear the Parandi as a Bajuband
4) Tie Parandi with your pony

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Green Tea is an anti-oxidant, which flushes out all the toxins from your body and keeps your skin wrinkle-free. On the other hand, Rice Flour is a perfect dote for blemishes, dark spots and pigmentation. In this video, Mili is making an easy homemade face pack of green tea and rice flour.

Ingredients used to make this face pack are:
1) Rice flour
2) Freshly brewed green tea

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Fashion likes to flirt with different skirt lengths and hems. So here we get this interesting DIY to do for all of you. Let’s try and learn how to make a fun skirt out of Daddy’s shirt!
Follow the easy step by step instructions by Amanda to make this fun trendy skirt and enjoy the new look with your daddy’s shirt turned out skirt!


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Cushion covers have nice patterns and designs on them but when you buy a new pair of covers, the old ones become useless. What if you could make use of those old cushion covers and turn them into nice sling bags. Mili has come up with a DIY idea to turn old cushion covers into bags without stitching.

Watch more:

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