You know you are up for some pampering when the person who has stirred a MARTINI for MADONNA doles out one for you. That’s what happened to me at the internationally celebrated and renowned Grey Goose’s BEYOND THE BAR program at the swanky new JW Marriot Hotel at Aerocity.

Acclaimed bartender Ondrej Pospichal on his maiden visit to India, is travelling across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to train top bartenders as a part of this program.


Ondrej Posichal for Greygoose

Ondrej Posichal for Greygoose


What makes Grey Goose’s BEYOND THE BAR PROGRAM unique is the  fact that it is tailormade. For instance, Ondrej has especially designed a menu of 7 cocktails to suit the Indian palette. He has localized all the drinks keeping in mind the commonly used ingredients here such as saffron, dill and ginger.

And for you guys, I decided to feature the recipe of one such cocktail NEW DILLI. True to it’s name, this drink is an amalgamation of everything Indian. It is coming together of native tastes.


New Dilli

New Dilli



50  ml Grey Goose Vodka

5 cm stalk Fresh Dill

25 ml Apple Juice

25 ml Fresh Celery Juice

15 ml Fresh Lemon Juice

15 ml Sugar Syrup

2 dashes Celery Bitters

Shake them all up and serve in a Martini Glass. And wohoo you done!

So what are you waiting for? Grab the ingredients and make your very own NEW DILLI.

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There is nothing we find more satisfying than reusing something unwanted to create something Stylish!! Hence we are always excited about sharing our DIY tricks.
Recently we had to go attend a theme party and while we were getting ready I realized that I did not have a perfect clutch to match my outfit.
As silly as it may sound but I came across this cushion cover in my room which I thought would make a perfect clutch, I went ahead and folded the cover into half and used it as a clutch.


10424376_10152568197037489_7100000619619966529_nCreativity at it’s best, isn’t it ?

We just can’t get over our invention, thus we thought of sharing a few more fun quirky cushion cover DIY handbag ideas with all of you

Here Goes


1. Square, rectangle cushion covers
2. Long embellished or a quirky neck piece
3. Broach or any embellishment and safety pin to secure the ends


Step 1: 

Flip the cushion cover and fold it into half.

Step 2:

Slide a long embellished neck piece (as per your preference ) through the cushion cover and place it right at the center-fold and secure it with a safety pin.
Usually the cushion covers have a zip at the center which could act as pouch for you to keep your belongings like mobile phone, lipstick etc.

Step 3:-↓

diy 2

After you’re done with these steps just adjust it according to the look you prefer and voila, you have a new clutch/cover/handbag!

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Since we at Style Coquettes understand the dire need to keep our readers well-toned with em’ drinks coming all night long without having to worry about the extra calories, we requested the wonderful team of bartenders at Pangaea, New Delhi to show us a few “LOW FAT” DIY Cocktails. Exciting isn’t it ??

 John Walker

Here goes the SLIZZARD yet SKINNY DIY Special Pangaea Cocktails:

Slizzard yet Skinny - Green Tea and Ginger Cocktail

Slizzard yet Skinny – Green Tea and Ginger Cocktail



Slizzard yet Skinny- Iced Green Tea Mojito

Slizzard yet Skinny- Iced Green Tea Mojito

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We know that pulling your hair back and making a bun during summers can be boring  but by just adding a little twist to your high bun can make it all the way edgy!!!

Want to know how? HERE YOU GO!!

4 Easy steps to achieve the Upside-Down French Braid Bun.

Step 1:

Flip your hair over and brush out all your hair. French braid your hair while it is still flipped over so that it is “upside down” Once you braid to the height you want your bun at, secure with a small elastic.

Step 2:

Gather all of your hair and secure with a bigger elastic right over the small one. You can flip your hair back to normal now.

Step 3:

Now just make a bun from the hair you just put into a pony tail and secure with an elastic or bobby pins.

Step 4:

Make sure it looks right, then spray with hairspray and enjoy your upside-down braided bun.


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Need a simple pick me up this summer? How about creating your own cocktail?

Yes you got that right!! Mamagoto, the asian fusion restaurant has come up with this unique concept that allows you to be your own bartender.

We bring to you a special DIY Martini Recipie straight from the bar at Mamagoto to kickstart your weekend!


DIY -Green Apple Espresso Martini

martini pic

Time to “PLAY WITH YOUR DRINKS” {Courtesy Mamagoto}

Facebook : Mamagoto

Twitter: @mamagotofun

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We have been hearing a lot about the unique concoctions of cocktails/mocktails at the newest GASTRO PUB in town called “The Chatter House”, and we have to say, we were MIGHTY impressed. If you are bored of the regular Mohitos and Martinis, we HIGHLY recommend you go drop in at The Chatter House, Epicuria mall.

From BUBBLEGUM MARTINI to AAM PANNA VODKA to AMROOD CHAAT, the drinks are totally awesome!!

So we decided to go behind the bar and whip up something special for you. Purushottam Anand, the Bartender helps Amanda dole out THE CHATTER HOUSE SPECIAL BLACK CURRENT SHOTS, especially for you.

Here is the list of supplies:

– Crushed Ice

– 60ml Vodka

– 15ml Black Current Syrup

– Grape Juice

– Few drops of Angostura Aromatic bitters (for the extra zing!!)

Bartender Amanda doling out Chef's Special

Bartender Amanda doling out Chef’s Special

In a mixer take crushed ice and add the above ingredients and shake well! And you are ready to serve (ya it’s that easy)

Guests enjoying the drink

Guests enjoying the drink

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to make fun interesting things for your friends, family, and loved ones. Although there are plenty options to choose from and buy today but we at Style Coquettes feel that it’s always good to add that personal touch!!

Get ready to hop into to your kitchen and prepare a romantic treat for your loved ones.

The easiest chocolate fudge recipes to get you in the Valentine’s spirit!!

chocolate pic

Homemade Choco Fudge – WITH LOVE <3

1 cup sugar
¾ cup water
2 and ¼ cup powdered milk
1 cup butter
¼  cup cocoa powder
Vanilla Essence
Nutmeg (optional)

1. Put water in a pan on low heat. Now, slowly add sugar while stirring the water. Let it come to boil till the mixture thickens and acquires a shiny look.
2. Take the sugar syrup off the heat and slowly add butter.
3. Meanwhile, sieve the cocoa and milk powder together in a bowl.
4. Slowly add the butter and sugar syrup mixture to the bowl of cocoa and milk powder. Thoroughly mix the two with a spatula.
5. Add the vanilla essence and nutmeg powder.
6. Now pour this mixture into a cake mould that’s covered with butter paper.
7. Refrigerate for atleast three hours.
8. Once the choco fudge is ready, cut into cubes , use fancy molds or try giving it a shape yourself to add that fun element!!


Style Coquettes "Valentine Experiment"

Style Coquettes “Valentine Experiment”

Do write in to us and let us know if this V Day recipe worked for you!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day all you beautiful people 🙂

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Every woman has an old pair of shoes in the closet , which she doesn’t fancy anymore or thinks they’re too old and ugly!! But why throw them when there’s solution to make them shine again!!

Yes that’s exactly what we did at Style Coquettes with our old ugly pair of shoes!!!

….Simple and fantastic makeover for your shoes ….

DIY for Fancy Feet this NYE !!


-Pair of old pumps (preferably a neutral shade)


-Thick Glue


-Charms , Diamantes , embellishments

Once you’re done with Gathering your supplies, just follow the steps below:


diy shoes.jpg



1. Use whatever confetti and trinkets you have lying around at home.

2. Decide on the look of your shoes.

3. Basis the look you have in mind , place the trinkets on the shoe and use thick glue to secure the same.

4. And Yes, That’s how you rock an old shoe by going all OTT !!


1. Use the lace to tie cute little bows .(You can go bigger or smaller depending on how large you want the bow to be.)

2. Position the bows correctly on the shoes and use thick glue to stick the bow.

3.  Voila! Flat, ladylike bow pumps are ready!!

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Winters are here and all of us know that there is nothing better than a colouful/ bright pashmina stole around your neck to brighten up the drab winters, right ??

While the stoles are very practical but we feel that they’re too common and boring, so why not go in for something more fun which would keep your warm and at the same time make you look stylish.

Presenting Style Coquettes DIY trick, that will keep you warm and looking chic at the same time!!


Four easy steps to turn your winter stole into a racer back cardigan

Four easy steps to turn your winter stole into a racer back cardigan

  1. It works for any long stole you own
  2. Fold your stole in half
  3. Tie one folded corner to the other end of the corner,
  4. You will see 2 loops


That’s it…… Pull the 2 loops apart and put your arms through them and you magically have a racerback pashmina waterfall cardigan, wicked isn’t it?


Don't you love it !!!

Don’t you love it !!!

If you aren’t really a pro at styling things together, opt for a plain black turtle neck or a turtleneck of any solid color along with a pair of jeggings.. and you can rock this DIY water fall cardigan by wearing it over the the turtleneck , pair of jeggings + but of course a “hot pair of boots” that will add that instant oomph factor to the look!!!!!

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