Orient Electric, is a name that has been a part of our household since the days of our grandparents. It’s been omnipresent in our lives. We do remember those days of noisy fans and only their absence would make us realise that something is missing (of course we have come a long way since then!). So much so that we got really excited when they asked us to visit their manufacturing factory in Faridabad.

In today’s time & age, it’s rare to find a brand that would go this length to gain customer trust & confidence. Guess that is what it takes to be a SUPERBRAND.


Fans have always been a part our lifestyle, more of an unsung hero actually considering millennials are all about air conditioners. But it was rather impressive to see Orient Electric’s high-tech manufacturing facility (it was more of an Alice in the Wonderland moment!) and the kind of R&D that goes behind. No wonder they are the market-leaders!

Let’s accept, we are spoilt for choices. And the only way for a brand to engage with the right audience is to be transparent. This is where ORIENT scores over competition.

We saw their wide range of product portfolio including–Ceiling fans, Pedestal fans, Wall fans, Table fans, Multi-utility fans, Exhaust fans, and more. The winner for us was certainly the AEROSERIES fans. With evolution of consumers and changing interior preferences, fans have come a long way as an important design piece. Through focus on- Technology, Silence, Quality, Aesthetics, Reliability, Easy to Clean feature, this is one brand we can really vouch for.


Log onto- to check the full range


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An evening of ‘’JIVE & JAM” with @stylecoquettes in association with Andaz Delhi

Extended Holiday 1.0 – A Holiday Edit by Style Coquettes that allows people to let their hair down and go loco.

The idea was to do an intimate event for people to come and experience a joyous evening with music over canapés and cocktails.

Since June and July are considered to be the holiday months, we thought of calling it an evening of an “Extended Holiday” that will allow people to let their hair down and share a little banter!

There were several elements on ground to entertain the guests including live music performances by Indian and international artists. THERE! Was the styling partner and ART MYO set-up fun photo booths enjoyed immensely by the guests.


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There is nothing like throwing your bestie AKA bride to be a wonderful hen’s night celebration by pampering her with a staycation and some fun stuff amidst all the madness.

After all being a bridesmaid includes duties like planning a bachelorette party, staycation or as a matter of fact even a spa day – spending the entire day lazying around in bath robes.


Andaz by Hyatt actually gave us an opportunity to do all of that wherein; we hijacked the apartment to do all things goofy as a pre cursor to our best friends wedding day!


Andaz by Hyatt is more than just a hotel, it’s truly an experience – A concept by Hyatt where there are no barriers- only fluid, friendly and accommodating spaces that invite you to move seamlessly from one new experience to the next. The residencies are a perfect venue for a destination wedding.

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The ‘jhoola table’ at Lavaash is their headquarter. They go to Bangkok to eat burgers at McDonald’s. ‘Mota dog’ and ‘patla dog’ are their favourite hashtags. They gossip about boys. They can’t do without seeing each other every day. They recently celebrated their one-year friendversary! Well, meet Kohli Saab and Radzie, popularly known as Chef Megha and Chef Radhika.


Our #BossLadies- Radhika Khandelwal of Fig & Maple/Ivy & Bean and Megha Kohli of Lavaash by Saby are breaking breads as well as the glass ceiling! Their PDA on Instagram will make any couple jealous. It is rather difficult to believe that both of them met a year ago at a chef’s table. And even more difficult to imagine what they did before that! Because now both of them are inseparable. From shopping to eating to travelling, there is nothing they don’t do together.

But one question which comes to everyone’s mind is how do they manage to be friends within such a competitive F&B industry? “It’s a total misconception that two female chefs can’t be friends. We have mutual admiration for each other’s work and celebrate each other’s achievements. Beyond that we love each other”, says Megha. Radhika adds, “Infact Megha saved me from a major embarrassment one time by pointing out the excess salt in a batch of cookies I was baking”.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Radhika moved to Canada in 2005 to pursue her higher education (English & Phycology) and subsequently to Australia. It’s in Melbourne that her love affair with food started. She learnt tricks of the trade will doing an apprenticeship at a restaurant during her student days (while she was training to be a hairstylist. no wonder her food aesthetics are always on point!). And she even managed to run a little business in Melbourne- a Deli.

Her return to India was a rather hasty decision. But her career choice had been made. She would later spend all her savings to open Ivy & Bean in Shahpur Jat in 2013 and subsequently Fig & Maple, Greater Kailash in 2017.

Moving onto a more pertinent question. The culinary business is no more a male stronghold. But was it easy for them to don the chef hat? “Ofcourse not. People think female chefs can just make for a pretty face and are there for social media amplification while somebody else is doing the cooking. Infact its most surprising to see male chefs think that way. They can be quite cocky too. But I give it off to them”, asserts Radhika. Both of them are sweetest to their staff during off service hours but can be quite the tough taskmasters otherwise. “Female chefs have to put double the effort for people to take them seriously especially so the male staff”, adds Megha.

Having a grown up in a typical Delhi Punjabi household with a lot of good food around, cooking was a natural progression for Megha. The dilemma was either to study English literature at the prestigious Jesus & Marry College or opt for the STEP programme at Oberoi’s post her schooling. Encouraged by her mother, she chose the latter and rest is history! She trained in several Oberoi kitchens for years before making the switch to Olive which was the turning point in her career.

Being mentored by Chef Sabyasachi Gorai was nothing less than a dream for Megha. She became one of the youngest Head Chef’s of the country at the age of 22 when she took charge of Olive Beach. Hence the move from Olive to Lavaash was only natural.

They finish off the conversation by adding that the industry isn’t as glamorous as it looks and spending endless hours in a cramped hot kitchen can be mentally and physically exhausting. But the two are happiest during busy kitchen hours. “It gives me a high when orders are flowing in. It’s an adrenaline rush!”, says Megha. Their passion has surely taken them places.

Quick fix

1. Who are you stalking on Instagram?

R: Chef Dominique Crenn

M: Chef Dominique Crenn

2. Your comfort food

R: Khow suey

M: Rajma chawal

3. Your favourite dish cooked by the other

R: Tandoor fish

M: Chicken sandwich

4. How do you deal with bad days?

R: Clean my room

M: Eat momos

5. Describe the other person in three words

R for M: Funny, grumpy, cheesy

M for R: Granny, psycho, great friend


We have to say that they have such a fun and happy vibe. This is one interview we loved doing. You will surely see us hanging out with them more often!

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I recently had the opportunity of visiting Pushkar in Rajasthan for a short getaway with HP Sprocket. Pushkar is famed for it’s ghats and temples & ofcourse the hippie vibe! The idea was to capture the myriad hues of the place with HP’s latest offering- a portable palm sized printer- SPROCKET.



While smartphones have revolutionized the way we take and store photographs, they mostly land up in our hard drives! The old -school charm of photo-albums has almost died. But with HP’s Sprocket, one can bring memories back to life and cherish them forever by printing them.

This pocket sizes printer directly prints from smartphones. You can even edit photos, apply filters, texts, and do so much more. Just download the mobile app and connect the devices seamlessly via bluetooth.


The best part, you don’t need an ink cartridge or a colour refill. ZINK technology let’s you print water-resistant and tear-resistant photos with a sticker back.

Let’s say hassle free printing just became a reality for the millenials!


  • Price: Rs 8,999/- 
  • HP ZINK paper to be available for INR 539/- for a pack of 20 & INR 1249 for a pack of 50
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We, the MILLENNIALS, often spend hours scanning e-commerce websites trying to find that perfect dress, travel accessory or gift item . From one website to another, it seems like a never ending journey. Result- OVER ABUSED DATA PACKS!! Guess what, Style Coquettes has found a solution for you- Just Get NATTY.

#NattyDotIn or Natty’s as it is called popularly, is a curated marketplace for one-of-a kind products from best creative entrepreneurs in India. Brain-child of Natisha Saraf Saraogi, the focus of is to challenge the traditional notions of design and put spotlight on emerging creative entrepreneurs. COOL, QUIRKY, CONTEMPORARY, HOMEGROWN INDIE brands is what you will find here. From unique home decor items to hipster stationery to apparel & accessories, the vibe of the brands here is a lot of fun. And that’s why it matches our sensibilities. We loathe anything boring and monotonous.

Icing on the cake, we recently got to experience the brand with a fun STAYCATION they did at ANDAZ, New Delhi. From a curated pop-up to personalisation & attention to detail, the staycation will surely go down as one of our favourites.

Sharing some of our most memorable pictures 🙂


Playing with some our favourite products from Natty’s. BTW they have some really cool home decor products and quirky frames.

P.S: Don’t miss the test tubes! (for unlimited supply of shots)



So all you shoppers there, get NATTY (or naughty)!!



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This past month I was lucky to have been able to travel to the beautiful island of Bali with my friends.  Bali is one of those countries that is so different to your usual holiday destinations in Europe or within Asia.  I couldn’t help but be mesmerised with everything I saw.

We were a motley crew of  foodies, fashion junkies, adventurous, hyperactive, spiritual and chilled out people. Therefore I am about to give you a brief overview of the different destinations within Bali, so you can get a feel for what might interest you.

My Bali adventure, where to begin? The Bali experience is something that can’t be explained, it’s a cultural and spiritual journey that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. Bali is called “The Island of The Gods,” and appropriately so.

I was lucky enough to experience some of the most beautiful locations and resorts the island has to offer, beginning in Seminyak then into the rice paddy fields of Ubud , jimbaran and Uluwatu.

From swimming in crystal blue waters and infinity pools to shopping in the adorable boutiques, relaxing at the cool cafes and dining at world class restaurants. The thing we loved most about Bali is that it offers something for everyone!


We started out our trip with Seminyak. Anyone who’s planning a trip to Bali should definitely visit Seminiyak – because if  you are someone who likes your holiday UP – BEAT then this is your place to be!

After an early morning flight from Singapore we arrived in seminiyak  groggy-eyed hence we made the most of the – in house Balinese massage experience at our hotel – Desamuda Village – A beautiful private villa with an exclusive pool and open kitchen and a beautiful open shower for us experience the scenic beauty and nature. 

After our leisure time at the villa we got ready and headed straight out to one of the most popular restaurants called Made’s Warung for dinner – which was literally a hopscotch away from our villa – I have to say we were extremely lucky to stay here, everything from here within Seminiyak was literally 5-10 mins away.


Our agenda in this part of Bali was all about feeling the vibe and letting our hair down by visiting all the beach clubs.


Jive – Le Favela | Ku De Ta | Potato Head | Motel Mexicola

Eat – Made’s Warung | Fat Gajah | Sisterfields | Corner House

Shop – Uluwatu (handmade lace outfits) | Bamboo Blonde | By the sea | Thaikila for swimwear


We’ll be very honest we barely saw Ubud and we “Regret” not having enough time to explore.  Anyhow just to give you a bit of an insight; Ubud is in the centre of Bali, seen as the cultural heart of Bali. There are many tour buses with day trippers visiting Ubud every day, filling up the streets, the market, and temples. But Ubud seems able to adapt to it`s growing popularity and the crowds. Only a short stroll away from the main streets of Ubud, you can still find peace and serenity. There`s nothing like a walk through the green and lush rice fields to find your mental balance.

Ideal way to experience Ubud would be; to stay there for at least for 2 nights but since we were barely there for a day we just about managed to do the waterfall, Kopi Luwak, beautiful and cozy cafes along the market stretch and of course the Ubud Art Market.

Despite the tourist crowds, a visit to Ubud and it`s surroundings is still a real must when visiting Bali.


See – Tanah Lot Temple | Tegenungan Waterfall | Tegallalang Rice Terraces | Ubud Monkey Forest

Eat – Tukies Cafe for all things Coconut | Cafe Lotus

Shop – Ubud Art Market | Gianyar


Uluwatu is a paradise for surfers with the many world-class surfing spots like Suluban Beach, Padang-padang Beach, Balangan Beach and more. We have to say that Uluwatu certainly took our breath away with its panoramic cliff-top , sunset views and of course the beautiful cultural Kecak dance.


See – Uluwatu Temple | Kecak Fire dance | Padang Padang Beach

Surf & Chill – Sundays Beach Club | Single Fin 

I feel as though Bali is also a reminder of how beautiful and simple can life be; the locals are so lovely and cheerful that it would be hard to have a bad day in Bali.

Stay tuned as we have a lot more pictures coming your way from our crazy trip to Bali.

Have any of you had the pleasure of visiting Bali or another super tropical place?  Do let us know about your experiences and share your itinerary with us. 

Till then, lot’s of love from #VRASM2017


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From a humble fishing village to the giant roaring South East Asian lion, the island city of SINGAPORE has never ceased to attract people. It has always been a popular check mark on the holiday calendar for most of us (especially Indians).

When we sat down to shortlist our holiday destination, options such as Europe emerged. But we realised that for a bunch of five mad-hatters like us, that might be too safe. We wanted something near yet far with a CHILL VIBE.  After a a lot of deliberations and discussions, BALI was frozen on. But unfortunately there aren’t any direct flights to the city, one has to go via Kuala Lumpur or Singapore.

Thus, came  the idea of making a quick stop-over at Singapore city. Though we were short on time (3 days to be precise though you need more time), we didn’t miss any opportunity to experience this beautiful city in all it’s glory! Our check list was ready way in advance and we wanted to tick off as many places as possible. Because when in Singapore, you don’t really sleep! And that’s what we exactly did, roamed around like zombies 😉


Gardens by the Bay


We found a perfect travel companion in Google Pixel, the new-gen smartphone from Google. From taking great pictures to Google Assistant being our go-to person, we couldn’t have asked for a better tour guide. Imagine being able to talk to Google Assistant and asking it anything in the world- weather updates, local recommendations, language translations, currency conversions, managing everyday tasks, reminders, etc . Guess you don’t need a boyfriend when you have Google Assistant!

Merlion at One Fullerton


So here are some of our recommendations on MUST DO THINGS WHEN IN SINGAPORE.


Heritage Tour at Fullerton Hotel

Did you know Singapore’s historic waterfront began as a trading post in 1819? Or the name Singapore is actually a colonial destruction of the word Sing-a-pura? With complimentary (advance reservation necessary) Fullerton Heritage Tours, discover Singapore like never before. Overlooking the Marina Bay, the Fullerton Hotel is one of Singapore’s most iconic structures, having witnessed the city’s transformation from a colonial outpost to a flourishing metropolis. The tours are a must do.

Honestly, this was something which was not on our agenda and we accidentally discovered this on one of the tourist information brochure we picked up at the airport but this turned out to be pretty good.

Heritage Tour in progress

Fullerton Hotel



Local Cuisine at Lau Pa Sat

The culture of food courts is very popular in Singapore and Lau Pa Sat embodies that spirit. Built in 19th century, this hawker style market is a paradise for local cuisine. Situated in the heart of financial district, this place is perfect to sip on some Tiger beer and enjoy the local delicacies.

You have to try: Congee  (porridge like dish which is yumza), Cheung Fun (rice noodle rolls), Fish Ball Soup, Dimsums and Red Ruby (yummiest dessert made with coconut milk).

Red Ruby at Lau Pa Sat


360 degree view of the city from 1-Altitude

Head to 1-Altitude, Singapore’s highest lifestyle destination for a gourmet dinning and partying experience atop the One Raffles Place. You”ll get to witness breathtaking views of the city.

Go around sundowner to view best of light and dark.

Aerial View of the City from One Altitude


Shopping Shopping & more Shopping

We know you have been waiting for this one. Singapore is truly a shopper’s paradise. From cosmetics (oh Sephora!) to beauty (Korean brands are must buy) to fashion, there is a lot to get tempted from. But plan well and spend your moolah at the right places. Don’t buy from brands which are easily available in India (like H&M, collections are mostly the same), rather go to places like Far East Plaza on Orchard road or Bugis Junction for some great Thrift Stores. We picked up some great vintagy stuff from Joo Made Boutique and Altitude.

Also Singapore Changi Airport is a great place to shop. You might want to save some (actually a lot) Dollars to get the best deals.

Pro tip: We literally raided Charles & Keith at the airport and were on the verge of missing our flight. So please time yourself 😉

Far East Plaza

The Editors Market @ Bugis Junction


Shadori @ Bugis Junction

Nightlife at Clarke Quay

After a long hectic day, you want to head to Clarke Quay to unwind and shake a leg.  This bustling quay (waterfront/ riverside) is the nightlife district of Singapore. There are ample pubs, bars and clubs in the area to choose from.

You must groove at Cuba Libre and sip on a Singapore Sling at Prive.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…


Feel like a kid at Singapore Zoo

Somebody rightly said “You’re never too old to be young.” Take a day off and head to the Singapore Zoo to have some fun with the animals (mind you they are quite playful). You can not miss the various animal shows that happen all through the day (check the schedule before going). Our favourite was Gambi at the Elephant show!

Show in Progress



We enjoyed every bit of our stay in Singapore, hope this list helps you in planning yours too. Can’t wait to share our Bali guide.

Till then, XoXo,


More on Singapore:

More on Google Assistant:


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