Call it direct line with the almighty or luck, whenever I feel the need to escape city life, mountains beckon! And that is what happened a few days back when we got a call from HONOR about the launch of their new device the HONOR 8 PRO at the picturesque Aamby Valley, Lonavla in Maharashtra- India’s first planned hill city. Unfortunately my partner in crime Amanda couldn’t make it due to work commitments 🙁

Scenic beauty, pleasant weather, monsoon showers and greenery welcomed us for the HONOR EXPERIENCE.


All New Honor 8 Pro


Aamby Valley City


Chinese giant Huwawei’s much anticipated HONOR 8 PRO is a power packed phone. From looks to performance, it is quite a handful!

What we loved:

  • 12+12-megapixel dual lens camera
  • 4K video recording with GoPro editing tool
  • Sleek and stylish body
  • Fast processor
  • Long lasting battery

Honor 8 Pro- Sleek & Stylish

2D Photo Making App in Honor 8 Pro


Shot with Honor 8 pro


Overall, a short and sweet weekend ESCAPADE!


The Honor 8 Pro will be exclusively available to Prime members on Prime Day starting 6 PM on July 10th on Amazon.

Price: Rs 29,999

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Sula Fest may be over but we’re having a hard time letting go. After a 3 day long weekend of music, wine and celebration we’re now reflecting on the incredible experience and reliving the memories courtesy #SwagPhoneHonor6X. Follow along on our journey from our crazy weekend and experience Sula Vineyards in it’s full glory through the lens.

After setting up for the day’s events we took a quick walk through while sipping on some Merlot.

Amphitheater – Abode of all power packed performances.

Hippie on the go!

Grub Arena at Sula Fest 2017

All set to Rage!

View through the night sky.

The rad performance by Nucleya.

#StyleCoquettes #SulaFest17 #SulaVineyards #TheHippieLife #MusicFestivalLovers <3

Thank you, SULA, for bringing for this beautiful experience. We were more than glad that we gotta see it all in the flesh this year.

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It had been a while since we were struggling to find a place with good music, ambience and food.A place with mature crowd where you can strike a good conversation over a couple of drinks. Till we stumbled upon DEPOT 48.



The love-child of Girjashanker Vohra and Vikas Narula (who come from film sound and engineering background btw),  Depot 48 has to be credited with coming up with a cultural space encouraging performing arts while offering an impressive cafe style cuisine. An original line-up of gigs will keep you entertained. The decor reflects the clever use of acoustically treated walls that let you have a conversation while the music plays in the background. The menu has been carefully curated by chef par excellence Ritu Dalmia.


What we love

The bar menu is a star!! There cocktails are to die for (no kidding!!). We particularly loved the spice flavours of Monicatini (named after Vikas’ sister).

When it comes to food, well we suggest you starve yourself before coming here! For all those in love with Mexican cuisine, this is your go to place. Our favourites- Quinoa salad with roasted pumpkin and feta, green apple, rocket & goat cheese quesadilla, fish coated with orange sauce and chocolate waffles with caramalized nuts.



Spanish Artichoke and Spinach Dip





This will definitely be our haunt.

Depot 48,  N3, Second Floor, N Block Market,

Greater Kailash 1,

New Delhi, Delhi 110048

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It was indeed a grand culmination of our 4 years anniversary celebration with a party at Tabula Beach Cafe. True to the drama we are, there couldn’t have been a better theme than ‘HEROINE NIGHTS’. Disco, Marilyn Monroe, Roman Holiday, Cocktails the vibe was quite RETRO & GROOVY!!




















We can’t thank our friends and well-wishers enough 🙂 Too many more such celebrations. Cheers!

Amanda & Mili

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Feast your eyes on the rolling vineyards set in the western ghats, watch the grapes being picked, crushed, blended and perfectly bottled; and then sample the finished product in the tasting room – well yes that’s how you roll when you are at the Sula Vineyards. DSC_0340

As you may know, Nashik is the wine capital of India and Sula Vineyards has had an important role in contributing to that title.

Pioneers in Indian wine making, selling and distributing. Sula holds a market share of almost 70% in the Indian wine Industry.

Last month, we drove down to Sula Vineyards from Mumbai. Greeted by a bright yellow logo of a sun at the entrance, we knew we had arrived at our destination.  The Sula logo of a sun with moustache and a tilak  signifies the Indian ethnic origin of the brand which we feel is certainly a USP as it makes the brand distinctive. 
DSC_0226From the minute we entered, we saw wine grape fields on both the sides of the path that was leading us to the Tasting Room.We were in lap of luxury and there was nothing else we could have asked for!


We opted for a private guided tour and the wine-tasting session with the team at Sula. The session was quite insightful and taught us how to appreciate each unique flavour INDEED!


Like many other people living in Delhi, even though we love wine; we may not know all about it —but thanks to Ajoy, who is the chief wine maker at Sula, we learnt the art of holding the glass and of course the 4 S’s; SWIRILL – SMELL – SIP – SAVOUR!


Up until now we had only heard of Sula Vineyards, however after experiencing this in person we can totally vouch for this beautiful experience.   Be it the panoramic view or the tastings designed to elevate the palate and your spirit, this  30 acre property is pure bliss and a luxury retreat in every sense.

Have a look!






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All you ladies out there, pop that bubbly right away and top off your flutes as we are about to tell you why this festive beverage is every girl’s ideal poison.

1) Style on the menu

Champagne is one beverage that makes you appear classy. So even if you are not dressed to the T but you have a glass of champagne on you – you will still look like a royalty.

Kim K

2) Uber Feminine

Pink and gold champagne poured in those delicate flutes makes it all the more delectable and feminine.

pink champagne

3) Celebrations

No one can deny the fact that champagne is synonymous with celebration. After all no sound on earth shouts “special occasion” more than the unmistakable pop of a cork from a bottle of champagne.

4) Stress Buster

Work stress? Boyfriend trouble? Drink some champagne, as they say “May your joy be pure joy and may your pain be champagne,” Bubbly contains natural trace elements that may help boost your mood and make you feel happy.

5) Spirit Lifter

There is just something about bubbly that gives a gentle high and boosts your confidence. Ever wondered how that girl manages to be the life of every party? Well the answer is champagne.

6) Health

Did you know that champagne can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, because apparently the antioxidant properties in it help lower your blood pressure. Thanks to that now each one of us can justify sipping on champagne.


7) Beauty Benefit

Champagne gives another reason for girls to say cheers as it’s an amazing skin toner and a natural moisturizer that hydrates and tones – leaving the skin supple and soft.

giphy (8)

8) Slim Sip

Speaking of weight loss, champagne may be the alcoholic beverage which every girl should turn to as it’s calorie count is much less than other alcoholic beverages.

giphy (2)

9) Hair Expert

Well that’s not all that champagne brings to the table as far as beauty is concerned. It is also considered as a good conditioning agent for your luscious locks. That’s right; Rinse your hair with bubby and it will bring out the desired shine and volume to your locks.

big hair

10) Cocktail Delight

Women are usually more inclined towards dazzling cocktails than pure hard liquor and that’s where champagne blends in perfectly because it’s remarkably versatile and can be whipped into any cocktail.

giphy (9)

(Source |

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The ‘greatest literary show on Earth the’ ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF 2016) is back. The five-day programme set against a backdrop of Rajasthan’s stunning cultural heritage and the Diggi Palace in the state capital Jaipur is scheduled from January 21-25, 2016.

Here are 5 reasons you should be attending the fest:

1) Cultural Saga

The literary event will have a number of sessions on the tradition, culture and writers of Rajasthan. From Hindi mystic and poet Meera Bai to Kaavad oral traditions and the wonderful regional cuisine, many rich jewels of Rajasthani culture will be showcased. ‘Rajasthali: Katha aur Kathakaar’ – will explore the unique cultural and linguistic heritage of the state, with its rich diversity of ballads, epics and oral traditions finding echoes in readings by well-known writers and poets from the state. The rich, oral Kaavad tradition will be celebrated and explored in ‘Kaavad: The Itinerant Storytellers of Rajasthan’.



2) Presence of leading writers and thinkers

JLF has the best selection of acclaimed authors, poets, novelists from India and across the world. From Ruskin Bond to Margaret Atwood, all are going to make a stop over at JLF 2016. Some more award winning writers to look forward to would include Marlon James who won the Man Booker Prize in 2015 for his epic and visceral novel ‘A Brief History of Seven Killings’ and Cyprian Broodbank who’s ‘The Making of the Middle Sea’ won the Wolfson History Prize amongst others.

Frontline reporters will discuss conflict and its effect on the modern world with American reporter Dexter Filkins, English foreign correspondent Christina Lamb and CNN’s national security analyst Peter Bergen. Leading Indian writers include Mridula Sinha, Alka Saraogi, Ashok Vajpeyi, Yatindra Mishra, Prabhat Ranjan, Harish Trivedi and Mridul Kirti in Hindi, Anita Agnihotri in Bangla, Vivek Shanbhag in Kannada, Ila Arab Mehta in Gujarati, Madhav Hada in Rajasthani, Makarand Sathe in Marathi, Sahil Maqbool in Kashmiri, and many others including the Santhali publisher Ruby Hembrom.



3) Stimulating Conversations

With moderators such as Swapan Dasgupta, Shobha De, Patrick French and William Dalrymple at the helm, there will be some stimulating conversations on a wide variety of topics from philosophy to history to politics.
The evolving modern issue of privacy is the focus of a range of sessions. ‘The Fiction of Privacy: Drawing the Line’ looks at the daily dilemma of journalists and non-fiction writers grappling with issues of privacy, both philosophical and legal with Avirook Sen, Samanth Subramanian and Pragya Tiwari. ‘Total Recall: The End of Privacy’ brings together Pratap Bhanu Mehta and Dayanita Singh with Homi Bhabha to explore whether privacy is dead forever; the concept of personal privacy as a collective philosophical value and right which sometimes overlaps and conflicts with issues of security and secrecy.

4) Book Launches

The festival will see the launch of several books such as ‘Rituparno Ghosh: Cinema, Gender and Art’ by Sangeeta Datta and ‘You Can- Be Smarter and Wiser’ by Meera Shenoy and Prasad Kaipa

5) Music Stages

After a long day of serious stimulations one does need a break. What better way to meet with friends and network against backdrop of some good music. Each evening will see a performance.



So keep your calendars blocked!

For programme details, visit:

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I’ve got #FestivalFever and Magnetic Field is an itch that will last for..god knows how long.

The reason why I am writing this is because I need #CLOSURE yes a closure to an event that prides itself on user experience and creating an extravagant and eccentric playground for ravers who can’t get enough of music.

Returning to the “real” world after an insane musical weekend can be a bit tough; I am sure people who attended the festival this year would agree with me that it will take us a while before we get over Magnetic Fields, In the meantime allow me to help you.


6 Signs that show you’re still not over #MagneticFields 

1) You are still wearing your music festival wristband because you value it more than anything else you own at this point.


2) Your friends are sick of hearing you talk about how #Epic RATATAT/DJ Koze’s set was.

giphy (2)

3) No matter what your friends and family think of you; your heart still races when you hear your favorite dj’s set.


4) You will find yourself bobbing to any rhythmic sound you hear like the sound of the hair dryer or washing machine.. but don’t you worry my friend,we understand.. the struggle is real!

giphy (1)

5) You will appreciate Bappi Lahiri and Mika Singh’s fashion sense, coz now you know how it feels to wear sunglasses at night.


6) Sufi nights might seem like a BIG JOKE to you.. coz once you go #SoulClap you can’t go Back!!

giphy (3)

Facing the fact that the festival is over is just unbearable.. But you know that in less than a year you’ll be back there in the field dancing your heart out with your friends, so snap out of it and come back to reality!

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A day which we all anxiously wait throughout the week is SUNDAY. It’s the day we want to laze around and chill with our friends.

Now that winters are in full force, we are sure all of you want to avoid late night fog driving. But does that leave us with limited options? Well, ofcourse not. We give you the perfect options for making your SUNDAY a FUNDAY!

Brunch at Guppy by Ai

Nothing is better than those endless conversations over some good food and wine. Soak in the winter sun while you are pampered with the delicious Japenese spread at Guppy by Ai.




SC Says: Ideal place for a girls day out


Details as follows

Table Brunch Emailer


Sundowner at Cherie One Qutub

An escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city life, Cherie provides an almost serene and tranquil ambience. You could choose the opulent dining room, peaceful terrace or the green courtyard to slouch over some grills, DIY bar and live music.





SC Says: Ideal place for a romantic sojourn


Details as follows

slouch fb

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