Remember how Crop-top and pencil skirt co-ordinates ruled the fashion frenzy last year?

Well this year we’ve got you the latest trend celebs have been obsessed with and that is “LAMPSHADING”

Pairing a chunky sweater or a shift dress with knee high socks or boots is what gives an illusion of a lampshade; hence this look is called the #Lampshade look.

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As we all know watches are not just time pieces any more but are now considered as an accessory to match or rather enhance our personality. Having said that; your watch doesn’t need to be encrusted with diamonds, or have sixteen dials or be uber flashy. It needs to sync up with your lifestyle. In other words, are you throwing on your pinstripes and heading to work every morning, or are you gearing up for a road trip? Once you figure out your personality based on your lifestyle the right type of watch will be able to change the way you look – because it’s not just a time piece but a fashion statement.

Have look at some of the fresh time piece fashion inspirations this season:







To help you select the perfect watch we’ve shared images of various looks with to you to give you an idea of how your choice reflects your personality. In order to ensure that you are making the right fashion statement of your choice; take some time to consider the image that you want to cultivate for yourself. Once you have a solid idea of who you want to be, choose a watch that fits that persona well and gives off the right impression. As mentioned,  right watch can pull an entire outfit together. So what are you all waiting for?? Feel the vibe and invest in Elite watches this Spring Summer 2015 and let your wristwatch do all the talking.

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Hats make pretty fabulous outfit accessories. Hats add some extra oomph to your outfit. Here, you can get an insight into the latest trends from the world of fashion. Today, Amanda is going to share with you the latest trend, which is “The Mad Hatter Trend”. She is telling the name of each and every kind of hat, which you can wear this season.
There are various kinds like:
1) Floppy Hat
2) Boater Hat
3) Bowler Hat
4) Bucket Hat
5) Fedora Hat
6) Beanie Hat
7) Polo Hat
8) Fascinator Hat
9) Beret Hat

Watch the video and know which hat to wear as well as where and how you can flaunt your hat style!

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All of us talk about Fashion Trends all the time but we are hardly in tune with them. We even don’t know the kind of Fashion Trends in vogue. In this video, Mili and Amanda are making us aware of the various fashion trends and looks.
Trends shown here are:
1) Androgynous
2) Preppy Look
3) Boho Chic
4) Rock Chic Look
5) Retro Look
6) Normcore Trend

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Ditch your couture wear for the latest trend to rock the runway- NORMCORE.

But what is normcore?

Well, it is about unpretentious everyday ‘NORMAL’ clothing. The whole idea is to be a part of the crowd. Effort is not made to stand out. There is no pressure to be different.




It is about anonymous detail free design.


Normcore at fashion week


The trend had caught up in a big way. U.S. retailer Gap’s latest advertising campaign — with the slogan “Dress Normal” — has been seen by some as an example of the Normcore trend.




So ditch those high street fashion clothes and take out your hipsters, baggy’s, loose shirts or whatever that you have pushed back in your wardrobe and DRESS NORMAL!

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