Increasing number of fashionistas are ditching the long heels in favour of a more comfortable trend- SPORTY CHIC.




Latest in this trend are luxury sneakers. From Tom Ford to Karl Lagerfeld, every one seems to be venturing in this field.


From Chanel Fall Winter 2014 collection

From Chanel Fall Winter 2014 collection


See how our very own Alia Bhatt ups the glam quotient with these booties!!


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One considered a major fashion faux pass, double denim (pairing denim lower and upper together) has made a sweeping comeback on both international and national fashion scene. It not only is a casual street wear chic statement but also a powerful runway trend.


Emma Watson on cover of ELLE US April 2014

Emma Watson on cover of ELLE US April 2014


Styling Tips:

*The trick is to style it right with different hues and pieces of denim.

*Pairing denim shorts with a tucked in denim shirt is a safe option.

*You can also try accessorizing it with pieces like a denim waistcoat or cap.

*Break the monotony by experimenting with colours- pop shade of your favourite bag!

*Roll up the sleeves to add some fun jewellery


Double Denim Trend

Double Denim Trend


But always remember to not go overboard and style it right.

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This season is about flaunting the right curves and they happen to be your shoulders. Cut out shoulder tops are a fun trend this summer and they double up as a source of ventilation!!

Cut Out Shoulder Top

Cut Out Shoulder Top


It’s a versatile top which goes well with skirts, shorts, leggings and pants.








Celebrities flaunting it in style

Celebrities flaunting it in style

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Reflect In Style

Mirrored shades AKA Reflectors are the hottest trend this season!! Believe it or not but there was a time when “Mercury Shades” were considered passé… who knew these pair of mercury sunnies would make such a come back!!


We have to admit that these sunnies add an ounce of mystery which makes them all the more desirable.

So colorful, so hot, they positively radiate style. The reflective coating reduces the amount of light passing through the eye so you’ll always be protected.

So what are you waiting fore?? Go out there and get a pair of reflectors this season!!

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Inspired by ice skating figures, the “Skater Skirt” is a must this Spring-Summer.

A trend that celebrities and fashionistas worldwide have been sporting!!!


Riri looking svelte in a skater skirt !!






















The Scottish Designer Christopher Kane is the man we need to thank for this trend!!!

A Skater Skirt is basically a high-waisted, short and flowy skirt with a hemline that hits above the knee. The best part about this cute skirt is that one can pair a Skater Skirt with just about anything. You can wear it with structured shirts, loose blouses, vests, light knitwear or printed or simple t-shirts to create various looks.

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Channel your inner octogenarian and don your best low heels for this winter. What’s the added bonus of granny height heels? Boy, they’re comfy.


From Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton to Emporio Armani… this season these designer labels ONLY focused on LOW HEELS !!

Wana follow this trend?? Okay where to go shop : Zara, India- low heels available in all the zara stores across India.

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You all must be wondering what’s up with these canvas multi colored shoes which are in vogue this season !!

Especially at ZARA, as soon as you enter the TRF section.. remember ????? Zara has plenty of them in metallic colors, tie n die and tribal prints.

Well let me tell you these canvas shoes which have been making rounds this summer are called “ESPADRILLES”

The term ”ESPADRILLES” is french and basically means casual canvas shoes. They usually have a canvas or a cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of rope or rubber material moulded to look like rope.


Sale season has begun so go get your pair Espdrilles !!!!

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