Bored with making the same hairstyle again and again, don’t worry Style Coquettes’ Amanda and Milli are here again with their amazing one minute hair challenge video. From funny to amazing create many hairstyle in under one minute.

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We all love to experiment with our hairstyles and haircuts. Short hair looks cool and is easier to manage.
If you ladies have been wondering how can style up your short hair then here are 3 cool and easy ways to do your short hair, as shared by Mili.

3 Fun Looks:

1 – Twisty Look
2 – Side Swept Look
3 – Wild Party Look

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When it comes to boots, we think that these are one of those wardrobe essentials, which can be worn irrespective of shape, height, or weight. This is only partially true, as it turns out that there are boot styles, which flatter certain body structures better than others. This may at first seem disappointing, as it could create an opinion in your mind that you mustn’t wear a particular boot if you are slender, tall, petite and so on. On the contrary, it just positively means that there are options out there, which will make you look even greater than before.

So girls, watch this video to know which boot suits your body type

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We all love to wear sunglasses, be it anytime of the day. Sunglasses are one of the most important fashion accessories for women.
Many of us are not aware about how to choose the right sunglasses, according to our face shapes. So, watch this video to know which style suits your face type.

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There was a time when we use to believe that diamonds are a girls best friend but times have changed, today it’s all about the smart phones.

Believe it or not smart phones such as Moto X generation2 have made our life easier.

Be it Lifestyle, food or fashion-all bloggers require a steady smart phone and in our opinion we feel #MotoX is one such phone that fits the bill.

Have a look!

Hashtags that define our Bestie!!

#CameraControl – The Motorola Moto X (Gen2) has a sharp 1080p screen,13 megapixel camera with dual-LED ring flash and superb video recording.

#PureStyle – It is a must have Fashion Accessory as the customizable design options suit everyone’s style.

#RealTime – Smooth performance during a video call makes everything possible in real-time.

#MotoMigration – This powerful app assists us with transferring data from an older phone to MotoX.

#MotoGestures – it’s interesting to note that this sleek gadget has four IR sensors which help in detecting the gestures made by the user; such as wave your hand to silence a call or switch off an alarm.

#PureVoice– Signature voice activation feature is definitely the highlight as this device responds to everything you say and makes it all the more convenient well  as you can see we like to address the #MotoX as our #Bestie.


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