At the ripe age of 30 when most women get married, have kids and think it’s the end of life for them, Guneet Gyani Gupta had the courage to follow her dreams. Dream of pursuing a career in fashion, dream of being a certified scuba diver. And boy she did it!

Guneet’s journey has been nothing less than inspirational. An Engineer by training, Marketing Executive by profession and Fashionista by passion, Guneet has been shortlisted for the famed Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide beauty pageant as one of the finalists. And all this, while pursuing a full time career with Amazon India as a Marketing Manager and managing her home and husband to perfection.

Being an army kid, Guneet travelled across the country being schooled at multiple places and interacting with all kinds of people. But conventional wisdom prevailed on her and she decided to study Engineering. Mid-way through, she realised that this is something she doesn’t like but went onto finish her degree. Her inclination towards fashion encouraged her to participate in beauty pageants while in college but she never took it up professionally. Post engineering, she quickly did a course correction and pursued a career in Marketing Communication.

Guneet: The Adventure Freak


She met her future husband over Salsa classes while working at TCS and they got hitched in 2013. But the inkling to win a crown was always there. It was NOW or NEVER for her. “I want to tell all the women out there that life doesn’t stop after marriage. You don’t have to give up on one thing to get another”, she says. With the support from her husband and family, Guneet finally decided to pursue her dreams. She wants to become an influencer whose voice people hear to drive change. Working towards conservation of marine eco-system is one such cause.


Guneet: The Salsa Dancer


Today Guneet has a successful career with an MNC, a loving family and time to pursue her dreams. “Women are naturally good at multi-tasking; it’s just about organising and planning things well. It’s never too late to follow your dreams”, she concludes.


Guneet’s Quick Fix

  1. The craziest thing you have ever done- Mountain climbing without a guide
  2. Describe yourself in three words- Adventurous, Fashionable, Hard-working
  3. Your comfort food- Italian
  4. Your Fashion idol- Sonam Kapoor


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Small town. University politics. Gender inequality. Seems like a set up straight out from a Bollywood potboiler. And this is where our protagonist spent her formative years getting exposed to the alternate reality. Pareina Thapar, Managing Partner at India’s leading boutique PR firm VTY has been nothing short of a game changer both in her personal and professional life. Growing up in Lucknow, Pareina was exposed to the dichotomy of a small town early on in life. She credits her parents for raising her sister and her to be fiercely independent.

 Pareina spent a good part of her initial career in the field of Journalism. It was while completing her university education in Lucknow that she got initiated in the field of writing as well as marketing for newspapers and magazines. But having moved to Delhi, it was her grounding at Business Today profiling entrepreneurs and doing HR stories that she got a real taste of journalism. “Post marriage and pregnancy is when I made a move to PR. It was quite organic I must say. For me telling stories is most important and that is what I did with my initial clients like Olive and Wills Lifestyle”, says Pareina. It was her experience in lifestyle and business journalism that came in handy. Post doing freelance PR projects, she joined VTY in 2003 as a Managing Partner. “At VTY we operate in the universe of good living. The idea is to add value to life to make us all happier. Clients such as Nicobar, Ekaya and Sabyasachi have been nothing short of movements”, she adds.

Pareina Thapar, Managing Partner, VTY

Pareina Thapar, Managing Partner, VTY

Pareina has been lucky to have a strong support system in her family. “As women, we are conditioned to feel guilty about the choices we make. I think the debate is overdone. Anybody who steps out to work makes choices. Even men do. Privilege shouldn’t bring you guilt”.

As a woman in the fashion industry Pareina feels that “we should change the dialogue with ourselves. It is extremely important to be confident of who you are in terms of your body and being fit and healthy at the same time.  Never let anybody hamper your self-esteem. ”Her advice to budding fashion entrepreneurs is to find their signature. “If you already have a reference point then you are limiting yourself in a boundary. You can’t think out of the box. Freshness is very important part of storytelling”.

Pareina’s Quick Fix

1.    The craziest thing you have ever done- Shaved my head off at the age of 40!

2.    Describe yourself in three words- Paradoxical, Impatient and Serene

3.    Your comfort food- Dal chawal, Egg Sandwich, Chocolate 

4.    Fashion idol- Diana Vreeland

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