Orient Electric, is a name that has been a part of our household since the days of our grandparents. It’s been omnipresent in our lives. We do remember those days of noisy fans and only their absence would make us realise that something is missing (of course we have come a long way since then!). So much so that we got really excited when they asked us to visit their manufacturing factory in Faridabad.

In today’s time & age, it’s rare to find a brand that would go this length to gain customer trust & confidence. Guess that is what it takes to be a SUPERBRAND.


Fans have always been a part our lifestyle, more of an unsung hero actually considering millennials are all about air conditioners. But it was rather impressive to see Orient Electric’s high-tech manufacturing facility (it was more of an Alice in the Wonderland moment!) and the kind of R&D that goes behind. No wonder they are the market-leaders!

Let’s accept, we are spoilt for choices. And the only way for a brand to engage with the right audience is to be transparent. This is where ORIENT scores over competition.

We saw their wide range of product portfolio including–Ceiling fans, Pedestal fans, Wall fans, Table fans, Multi-utility fans, Exhaust fans, and more. The winner for us was certainly the AEROSERIES fans. With evolution of consumers and changing interior preferences, fans have come a long way as an important design piece. Through focus on- Technology, Silence, Quality, Aesthetics, Reliability, Easy to Clean feature, this is one brand we can really vouch for.


Log onto- https://www.orientelectric.com/ to check the full range


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We had the pleasure of attending the recently concluded Delhi Times Fashion Week as guests of ORIENT ELECTRIC. And we must say it was quite a grand affair!

 The brand known for its stylish, elegant and fashionable fans was a perfect partner to present designer Niki Mahajan’s collection- YUVRANI. Strutting down the ramp were models adorning royal ensembles with delicate embroidery inspired by Polki jewellery.

Today’s customer is fashion conscious not just with clothes but also with home décor. Hence, the fit with Orient Electric. That ‘Dream Home’ is just not about paint & furniture. Fixtures occupy an important place. And a stylishly designed premium fan adds dimension to the 5th wall. We mean there is so much drama one can create with fans. Lights, design, colour, shape, phew! Choosing a fan is a time consuming process, putting thought is very important.

Showcased at the event was the brand’s latest range of AEROSERIES fans designed to deliver astounding air delivery with minimal sound. Silent yet powerful we say! Orient Aerostorm’s unique winglet design minims noise while delivering maximum speed. When it comes to styling, the fan is a stunner with its premium high glass PU finish. Orient Aerolite comes with a decorative light.


For us, Orient Electric’s good looking & well performing fans were the real SHOWSTOPPERS! We highly recommend you check out the collection.


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