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Since time immemorial, Delhi has been a favoured place for green lovers and a haven for solitude lovers. Even today, when the whole city pulsates with the rhythms of modernity, you can easily find some serene sectors nestling under the amiable shades of trees. Delhi with its gardens flaunts of being one of the greenest places of tourist interest. Considering greenery seems to be the life line of our city, what better than a gastronomical delight among nature.

_MG_0172 (1)

Well, we are talking about the most talked about restaurant in Delhi – The Project; with spectator sleek interiors tucked from the hustle bustle – The Project – is surely a divine restaurant to look out for.


Formerly known as Park Balluchi, this contemporary bar is situated inside the Deer Park at Haus Khas. The glass house concept recreated by Mr,Priyank Sukhija is an ideal place for a soirée.

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Looking onto an abundance of greenery is truly a delightful sight, even at night. With families having a good time gorging themselves on scrumptious food to youngsters swaying away to the beats of the in-house DJ while sipping onto their signature cocktails and mocktails.  – it’s definitely worth a visit!




The menu was meticulously planned featuring familiar tastes with an exotic epicurean curiosity.

From Pan Asian – Continental to our very own desi Indian cuisine; the menu was impeccable.



OUR TAKE: Flavourful yet refined how we would rate our experience at The Project.

Don’t miss their Wood Fired Gourmet Pizza, Mozzarella Bombs, Lazeez Karela and of course the juicy Chicken Burger which was ultimate.  Dessert menu could be more elaborate but having said that nonetheless we had a great time; hence would  recommend this place to every Dilliwallah.


For a complete insight into the Fine dining experience at The Project click here:

The Park Balluchi  
Inside Deer Park, Hauz Khas Village,
New Delhi, Delhi 110016
Phone:011 2685 9369

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Hanami Spring Summer Menu 2015

Love in Tokyo

They say in Japan arrival of cherry blossoms marks the end of winters and the onset of Spring- Summer. Just to give you all an insight – people in Japan celebrate the flowering of cherry blossoms by celebrating it outdoors and it’s called the Hanami Festival; be it picnics in the afternoons or cocktails over cheerful evenings, this festival is all about the Delightful Feast!

Still wondering why we are laying so much emphasis upon this Japanese festival?


{Interiors} Guppy by ai

Well that’s simply because we love Japanese cuisine and since we consider ourselves to be wannabe sushi connoisseurs; we just couldn’t resist when we got an invite from Guppy by ai to come and try out their New Spring/Summer Menu and experience the festivities – we felt rather lucky , after all there is no perfect place than Guppy for a delectable sushi date.



Salmon Tartare

Salmon Tartare

This time the impeccable Japanese treats from the Spring – Summer 2015 menu deserve a special mention, simply because the flavors were clean, and as a welcome change, not dry and bland.


Parchment baked market fish

From sakura wood smoked pumpkin soup, seaweed and mesclun salad, Salmon tartare, cold soba / udon noodles served with bonito soy broth – to chilled ramen noodle topped with prawn to the perfect green tea dessert – the entire experience was flavorful yet refined.


Although we do not have photographs that could do justice to the spectacular meal but in all honesty the team at Guppy believes in the policy of serving a unique experience to their customers; therefore this time with the Hanami festival they made sure to highlight every element by featuring sakura inspired dishes in their menu along with oriental art installations and exciting activities to engage their guests – such as the Sushi master class held last month and of course Anime Pop-Up Shop – which will be there until 10th May.

Our Take

It’s rare that you come across an establishment that produces quality food along with amazing customer service at an affordable price. Guppy by ai is one such restaurant you can’t skip; hence we recommend all you sushi lovers to visit this one of a kind restaurant.

For a complete insight into the Fine dining experience at Guppy by ai click here:

28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony
New Delhi, India
01124690005 / 6, +919650185005
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With panoramic views of the lush green landscaped gardens, Tamra at Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel is a contemporary multi-cuisine all-day dining restaurant inspired from the early ages of culinary evolution when copper (tamra) vessels were key components in making a perfect meal. Conceptualised by the renowned Dubai based Stickman Design, the restaurant features an extensive international and national buffet and an à la carte spread to tantalize your taste buds and deliver a delectable dining experience.

Experience grandeur and utmost elegance

A beacon of culinary excellence, the restaurant offers an eclectic mix of new dining experience to Delhi with a multi-buffet concept that offers global cuisines from Europe, Japan, India and South East Asia. Equipped with five interactive kitchens, the culinary drama unfolds in a spectacular rhythm at the all-day dining restaurant .


Rustic yet elegant, the architectural style of the restaurant is striking and vibrant – from the back lit copper signage at the reception to the copper hanging pots  displayed over the two infinity tables where mirrored walls provide an exaggerated view – it is truly a gastronomic and theatrical experience.

Gastronomical Delight 

This was our first visit to Tamra and we have to say we were mighty impressed by their gracious hospitality. As we were led to our table, an array of strategically placed buffet food counters caught our eye. By far the most extensive lunch buffet, It was massive!

The menu was meticulously planned featuring familiar tastes with an exotic epicurean curiosity.

  • Sushi Platter

The impeccable Japanese treat was the first dish to arrive, I have to say that I am no sushi connoisseur but the tuna and salmon sushi deserve a special mention, the flavors were clean, and as a welcome change, not dry and bland.

Tamra Sushi Platter

Tamra Sushi Platter

  • Dim-Sum Delight

Flavorful yet refined is how we would define our dim sum experience. Served with just the right kind of dressing that doesn’t overpower the dim sums. While the Corn and Asparagus dim sums , played with textures in a refreshing bite, the prawn dim sums were an absolute delight.


Prawn Dim Sums

  • Ambedi Mahi Tikka

These succulent chunks of sole fish smeared with masalas and raw mango paste should crown the list of your quick Tandoori bites.

Ambedi Mahi Tikka

Ambedi Mahi Tikka

  •  Chicken Trinkets

The crispy fried chicken trinkets served with with peanut sauce were tender to bite into and crispy on the outside – this innovative Thai fusion made our dinning experience worthwhile.

Chicken Trinkets

Chicken Trinkets

  • Mozzarella Cheese Melt

This savory Focaccia bread topped with pesto marinated vegetables was again absolutely delicious. Maybe the only disappointing factor was the texture as we felt it was heavy and dense.


*In all honesty the team at Tamra, believes in the policy of serving a unique experience to their guests and one has to visit this place to actually experience all of it!

  • Tamra Chocolate

Last but not the least – our favorite part of the meal; the dessert part is something which always makes or breaks a meal for us and we have to say our lunch date at Tamra was made. Although we do not have a photograph that could do justice to this spectacular desserts but their desserts were unpretentious and a refreshing change from the usual suspects. From in house Gelatos to the Crème brûlée and to the most perfect chocolate dessert we’ve ever had – no kidding;”The Tamra Chocolate” was just beyond amazing.

Tamra Chocolate

Tamra Chocolate


Our Take

Their eye for detail and attention paid to every tiny speck is just mind blowing – the fact that every counter was specifically segregated into vegetarian and non vegetarian section shows how considerate the team is at Tamra and they can go to any extent to make their guests feel comfortable.

Style Coquettes marks this place as – A must visit with your family!

For a complete insight into the Fine dining experience at Tamra click here:

– Lunch Buffet at Tamra       -Rs. 1,950 per person (exclusive of taxes)

– Dinner Buffet at Tamra      -Rs 2100 per person   (exclusive of taxes)

– Breakfast Buffet at Tamra – Rs 1100 per person   (exclusive of taxes)

Tamra, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, 19, Ashoka Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi. For reservations, call 011-41191010.

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Team Style Coquettes ventured into Momo Cafe last week at Courtyard by Marriott, Gurgaon and we have to say that this restaurant is worth a visit – especially when you are in this side of town.

This contemporary property is definitely an asset to the art and dine culture in Gurgaon. MoMo Cafe which stands for “Modern Living, Modern Dining” is an extension to the contemporary – fuss free theme at Courtyard by Marriott. Situated in the heart of Gurgaon the all day diner is a delight for all the business travelers and single travelers who visit the hotel for work and meetings.


The restaurant’s sheer expanse and modern dinning experience is in contrast with the hustle bustle of Gurgaon – so if you are looking for a place which is away from all the chaos then MoMo Cafe is the place for you.

Here’s a Sneak Peek from our gastronomic experience :


Murg Angara

Murg Banno Kebab

Murg Banno Kebab

Speaking of the new menu at MoMo Cafe – even though we are not big fans of North Indian Cuisine; the chef managed to impress us. We have to say that the executive chef Amit Dash really knows how to satisfy customers – from Murg Angara to the Murg Banno Kebab;the succulent meat layered with the fluffy layer of egg was beyond excellent. 

Indian Tikka Salad

Indian Tikka Salad

It was amazing to see how chef  Amit Dash “THE EXPERT” in Indian Cuisine tweaked and modified the authentic dishes keeping in mind our palate.

Curried Bombay Toastie

Curried Bombay Toastie

Who would have thought an Indian tikka salad and a Mumbai delicacy Bombay toastie would make it to a fine dine menu. We give full marks to them for adding such quirk to their menu, really!

Honey Chilli Lotus Stem

Honey Chilli Lotus Stem


After biting into all the Indian goodness it was time to move over to some Western and Oriental delectable delights. That’s Right, the chef prepared Honey Chilli Lotus stem and Grilled Fish with Lemon butter sauce for us and it turned out to be absolutely splendid. To be honest the team at Courtyard by Marriott works really hard to give it’s customers a unique experience and if you are someone who loves Indian then; this is it!!

Save The Best For The Last is what they say; and in this case it completely stands true because the Baked yogurt with  Blueberry cake was something, we still can’t stop thinking about as we savored every bit of it!!

Have a Look!

Honey Baked Yogurt with Blueberry cake

Honey Baked Yogurt with Blueberry cake

A big thank you to the wonderful team at Marriott – Click HERE for more information and such updates.

SC VERDICT: Based on the concept of Modern Dining, Cafe MoMo is perfect for family occasions – from Kids special Menu to Healthy treats – this place has it all.

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New Summer Menu @ Olive

New Summer Menu @ Olive

With lofty ceilings and full-length windows looking out onto the beautiful outdoor dinning patio!! Olive Bar & Kitchen literally transports you out from the hustle bustle of the buzzing Delhi city.

We have to say that it is an exceedingly pleasant place to visit in Delhi during daytime —Easy and breezy to linger over a three-course lunch.
Olive Bar & Kitchen, New Delhi

Olive Bar & Kitchen, New Delhi

We at style coquettes have always loved this place for it’s breathtaking architectural design and the cuisine.Therefore when we got an invite from Olive to come and try out their New Summer Menu we felt rather lucky , after all there is no perfect place than Olive for a perfect lunch date , isn’t it ?

New Summer Menu

New Summer Menu

Chef Sujan S. at Olive , feels that changing and tweaking the menu is very important as one needs to consider the evolving palate of the diner on the basis of wheather conditions and lifestyle. 

Chef Sujan.S

The menu was meticulously planned featuring familiar tastes with an exotic epicurean curiosity.



  • pumpkin cracker, crumbled goat’s cheese, pea shoot

The crisp treat was the first to arrive along with our mocktails and was something which reminded us of  the typical holiday appetizer which is quite popular in America.   Honestly I am infatuated with goat cheese these days so when this arrived on our table I just couldn’t resist !!

pumpkin cracker, crumbled goat's cheese, pea shoot

pumpkin cracker, crumbled goat’s cheese, pea shoot


  • Heirloom Tomatoes & Burrata Olive bar

Considering we love salads this was definitely our favorite part of the meal.

For those of you who don’t know what Burrata is,, well  Burrata is an Italian cheese that’s fresh, soft, creamy, decadant and made of mozerella and cream. Can cheese get any better than that? When added to fresh heirloom tomatoes, some good olive oil and balsamic vinegar with fresh herbs it creates savoir magic moments, trust us!!

Heirloom Tomatoes & Burrata Olive bar

Heirloom Tomatoes & Burrata Olive bar

  • Cured salmon with green apple and cucumber water  

The dish was topped with cucumber and green apple water offering a distinct flavor. It recreated a fimiliar taste in a modern context which we thought was quite interesting.


Cured salmon with green apple and cucumber water


  • Corn fed Chicken

Corn fed chicken with a panache of vegetables and hazelnut sauce is one deliciously healthy meal we recommend!! So tender so succulent, it was an absolutely fuss-free dish with well rounded flavors.


Corn fed Chicken

  • Bacon wrapped chicken with barley risotto

Another savoury dish that we at style coquettes feel is a “MUST TRY” from Olive Bar & Kitchen’s New Summer Menu!!These chicken thighs cook up tender and juicy with crispy bacon and barley risotto; The textures in the dish were so complimentry to each other that it truly seemed like a one pan meal made in heaven!!

Bacon wrapped chicken with barley risotto

Bacon wrapped chicken with barley risotto


As they say that one should always save the best for the last and in this case it completely stands true as both the Philadelphia Cheesecake and the Tiramisu were absolutely delightful.Tiramisu with Coffee Sorbet and Biscotti is on our “MUST TRY” list too as it was just too good to be true and left us wanting more.

Have a look!!
  • Philadelphia Cheesecake with Passion fruit essence


  • Tiramisu salted coffee crunch, coffee sorbet, biscotti crisp

In all honesty the team at Olive believes in the policy of serving a unique experience to their customers and one has to visit this place to actually experience all of it!  


New Summer Menu SNEAK PEAK @ Olive Bra & Kitchen

So what are you all waiting for? If you are looking at a perfect place for your Summer Date just head to olive bar & kitchen and try out the chef’s signature preparations.

To enjoy a taste of summer with Olive Bar & Kitchen’s  new menu, packed full of seasonal specials, visit the links below for more updates :
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It was an easy breezy Friday evening, hence we decided to officially visit the finest lounge in Delhi, M, MEGU at The Leela Palace


Based on the concept of Lounge dining, this place has a very relaxed and chic vibe.

We loved its serene and pleasant ambiance with dim lighting and classic décor , the benches were plush and comfortable, the surroundings were quiet, and the atmosphere was relaxing and inviting; perfect for forgetting about your day and/or an after-work date !!

The menu was meticulously planned featuring familiar tastes with an exotic epicurean curiosity.”

Heres our dinner experience at M Lounge by MEGU , The Leela Palace, New Delhi 

  • Crispy & creamy corn tempura tossed with spicy mayo and mango sauce.

The crisp Japanese-style treat was the first dish to arrive and was our favorite , the flavour wasimpeccable as it recreated a fimiliar taste in a modern context!!

edit 1 (1)


  • MEGU Original Okaki Asparagus

Asparagus rolled in rice crackers, flash fried, It’s a definite ”Must Try” as this dish is a part of their signature menu!!

megu 2


  • Prawns Lolli Pop

Lightly panko fried croquettes of minced prawns served with with cutlet sauce, Tender to bite into and crispy on the outside, it’s all about the sauce and the crunch of the croquette as you bite into all that goodness.



  • Crispy Kanzuri Chicken

Apparently Kanzuri isn’t something that’s easily availble. As a matter of fact it’s a special regional hot sauce from Niigata prefecture.

We have to say that we were amazed at the texture and flavour of the chicken and of course the fusion element in terms of how they served the Crispy Kanzuri Chicken with mint sauce.
Crispy Kanzuri Chicken


  • Crispy Scallops Toast

Slices of scallops with red onion confit on baguette, crunchy and juicy at the same time , we absolutely loved the french zing in the mordern Japanese Men.

  • Crispy Tofu

Lightly batter fried tofu garnished with spicy tomato tartare served on wasabi mayonnaise.

It’s just amazing how chef Yutaka Saito, “THE EXPERT” in Japanese Cusine tweaked and modified the authentic dishes keeping in mind our palate.

In all honesty the team at M Lounge, MEGU believes in the policy of serving a unique experience to their customers and one has to visit this place to actually experience all of it!20140307_082951


  • Chicken Yakitori                

Chicken and leeks charcoal grilled, glazed with spicy dal makhni sauce. This was another dish that we absolutely loved , simply because of the Indian twist that the chef added with the “Dal Makhni” sauce, it went really well with the smoky flavour of the chicken. We could almost smell and taste the smoky grill aroma in every bite that we took along with lively snap of Dal Makani Sauce.20140307_080144 (1)


  • Pressed Maki Roll

Just to give you all a little insight into “Pressed Maki Roll , Maki is basically ;Rolled sushi, with the ingredients laid upon a sheet of nori (pressed seaweed), rolled to form a log-like shape, then sliced into several round pieces. In our case we had these lip smacking cottage cheese Maki Rolls which included Cubes of charcoal grilled cottage cheese rolled and garnished with green olives.

20140307_081901 (1)

  • Vegetable caterpillar roll

Spicy crispy avacado roll topped with tanuki salsa, yet again another innovative Japanese fusion delight which made my dinning experience at M Lounge worthwhile.



  • FINALLY ; THE DESSERT “Yuzu crème burlee”

Although I do not have a photograph that could do justice to this spectacular dessert, it was just splendid !! This Japanese lemon flavoured crème brullee served with green tea ice cream and sake scented strawberries was excellent!! From the zing of lemon to the soothing appeal of green tea ice cream which added a layer of depth left you wanting more.

Crème brûlée 2 (1)

And of course how could have we not thanked Chef Yutaka Saito for giving such a fabulous menu to our dinner at M Lounge and being a compete sweetheart!

Style coquettes with the MASTER OF MODERN JAPANESE


Drafting this post was as much fun as my experience at this contemporary Japanese lounge!

For a complete insight into the Fine dining and Lounging experience at M Lounge you can visit :

The Leela Palace Facebook Page HERE and the follow their Twitter handle. 

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