New Summer Menu @ Olive

New Summer Menu @ Olive

With lofty ceilings and full-length windows looking out onto the beautiful outdoor dinning patio!! Olive Bar & Kitchen literally transports you out from the hustle bustle of the buzzing Delhi city.

We have to say that it is an exceedingly pleasant place to visit in Delhi during daytime —Easy and breezy to linger over a three-course lunch.
Olive Bar & Kitchen, New Delhi

Olive Bar & Kitchen, New Delhi

We at style coquettes have always loved this place for it’s breathtaking architectural design and the cuisine.Therefore when we got an invite from Olive to come and try out their New Summer Menu we felt rather lucky , after all there is no perfect place than Olive for a perfect lunch date , isn’t it ?

New Summer Menu

New Summer Menu

Chef Sujan S. at Olive , feels that changing and tweaking the menu is very important as one needs to consider the evolving palate of the diner on the basis of wheather conditions and lifestyle. 

Chef Sujan.S

The menu was meticulously planned featuring familiar tastes with an exotic epicurean curiosity.



  • pumpkin cracker, crumbled goat’s cheese, pea shoot

The crisp treat was the first to arrive along with our mocktails and was something which reminded us of  the typical holiday appetizer which is quite popular in America.   Honestly I am infatuated with goat cheese these days so when this arrived on our table I just couldn’t resist !!

pumpkin cracker, crumbled goat's cheese, pea shoot

pumpkin cracker, crumbled goat’s cheese, pea shoot


  • Heirloom Tomatoes & Burrata Olive bar

Considering we love salads this was definitely our favorite part of the meal.

For those of you who don’t know what Burrata is,, well  Burrata is an Italian cheese that’s fresh, soft, creamy, decadant and made of mozerella and cream. Can cheese get any better than that? When added to fresh heirloom tomatoes, some good olive oil and balsamic vinegar with fresh herbs it creates savoir magic moments, trust us!!

Heirloom Tomatoes & Burrata Olive bar

Heirloom Tomatoes & Burrata Olive bar

  • Cured salmon with green apple and cucumber water  

The dish was topped with cucumber and green apple water offering a distinct flavor. It recreated a fimiliar taste in a modern context which we thought was quite interesting.


Cured salmon with green apple and cucumber water


  • Corn fed Chicken

Corn fed chicken with a panache of vegetables and hazelnut sauce is one deliciously healthy meal we recommend!! So tender so succulent, it was an absolutely fuss-free dish with well rounded flavors.


Corn fed Chicken

  • Bacon wrapped chicken with barley risotto

Another savoury dish that we at style coquettes feel is a “MUST TRY” from Olive Bar & Kitchen’s New Summer Menu!!These chicken thighs cook up tender and juicy with crispy bacon and barley risotto; The textures in the dish were so complimentry to each other that it truly seemed like a one pan meal made in heaven!!

Bacon wrapped chicken with barley risotto

Bacon wrapped chicken with barley risotto


As they say that one should always save the best for the last and in this case it completely stands true as both the Philadelphia Cheesecake and the Tiramisu were absolutely delightful.Tiramisu with Coffee Sorbet and Biscotti is on our “MUST TRY” list too as it was just too good to be true and left us wanting more.

Have a look!!
  • Philadelphia Cheesecake with Passion fruit essence


  • Tiramisu salted coffee crunch, coffee sorbet, biscotti crisp

In all honesty the team at Olive believes in the policy of serving a unique experience to their customers and one has to visit this place to actually experience all of it!  


New Summer Menu SNEAK PEAK @ Olive Bra & Kitchen

So what are you all waiting for? If you are looking at a perfect place for your Summer Date just head to olive bar & kitchen and try out the chef’s signature preparations.

To enjoy a taste of summer with Olive Bar & Kitchen’s  new menu, packed full of seasonal specials, visit the links below for more updates :
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